May 17, 2008

Poses now at Studio Sidhe!

Hi Everyone,

We've got poses!!!!

and this cute faery one with a bit of animation thrown in posibly to add to your favourite mushroom in the garden, by a pond or anywhere you love to laze away and daydream:

a poseball set for you and a mate to take some fun pics with!

These poses are available at our Main Store.

We hope you enjoy!

See you soon,

May 10, 2008

:+:SS:+: More Play Time ~ Faery's Swing

After the warm response I had to my SeeSaw and the fun we had making it, Deilia Devin [Elemental Forestry] and I jumped on the idea to make a matching swing. The swing is combination of a few textures from me, Deilia's awesome sculptie skills and my growing interest in animation! I hope you enjoy this latest edition to what is becoming a swing collection LOL

As with the SeeSaw, the swing comes in both transfer and copy versions so you can choose what fits best with your needs :D You can come and try it out for yourself at Studio Sidhe Main Store.

*** UPDATE: We have just listed these on Onrez and Slex***

Have fun!


May 06, 2008

Studio Sidhe Main Store has moved!

Just a quick shout out to let you all know that the Studio Sidhe Mainstore has moved! We needed some more space to grow and now we have it :D so come and check it out and pick up a little freebie while your there... I'm trying my hand at eyes, and would love your feedback! Thank you to everyone who has already given me some great ideas on what they want =D

You can find the new store HERE

Take care and have fun,


May 03, 2008

\o/ Yay me!

Ever have one of those days where you just can't be arsed to do any of the things you *should* be doing?

Today is most definitely one of those days for me... and so like any veteran procrastinator, I turn to random quizzes :P

I scored a Dynomite
70% on the
Quiz by SheGoddess: Quick weight loss

Okay okay, I can almost feel the glare from those who know me way to well and will see this and say, "Faery, back to work!!! *points at PS*"... so like a good little Faery I'm going...


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