June 21, 2008

:+:SS:+: Multi Pose Stairs... Glam up your photo shoots!

For when your wanting to capture an Audrey Hepburn moment of elegance or when you want to slouch and have fun... these pose stairs contain 6 custom made poses and is menu driven.

The pose positions can be easily adjusted to your avatar and the textures can be changed to suit your decor, your shoot or just your mood.

The stairs are copy/mod so you can place them in as many locations as you'd like.
You can try the stairs out in world at our little pose shop which is next door to the main store.

These are also available on OnRez and Slex. The individual poses are available in world in a transfer only version for those who need a stair pose on location =D

We hope you enjoy!


June 07, 2008

:+:SS:+: Leather Flower Vests!

Okay! it's time to dig out your rose coloured JL's, untangle your Indian love beads, polish your moodring, break out the tie-dye and get back to a time of peace love and mung beans :D

ah, can you tell I been listening to a bit of Jefferson Airplane of late? LOL

But enough of my willful denial of the modern world; lets get into the fashion my latest mood has inspired!

Leather Flower Vests!!!! Yup! I've broken out the wacom to do some more mad digital embroidery and a funky leather flower patch =D

Vests come in all three layers (undershirt, shirt and jacket) and for this weekend ONLY you can pick them up at our main store for a crazy share-the-love price!



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