July 25, 2008

Quartz Crystal Earrings AND Quartz Crystal and Pendant SETS!

After releasing my quartz crystal pendants last week, I had a few requests for matching earrings... so here they are!

I've also packaged up pendant and earring sets:

Available now on OnRez, Slex or in world at our Main Store.


July 19, 2008

How your viewer could be effecting how you see prims

Hi everyone,

A conundrum was happened upon recently while I was building my latest release, and I thought I would share the investigation and findings with you all.

Firstly, the dilemma: I had made a pendant using 40ish prims, most of which where sculpties and VERY tiny. When finished I sent them to my friends (as you do LOL) to great reviews so all seemed well and ready for release \o/

But then... I received an IM from Ben Vanguard who I had sent a pack to, if you've ever sent stuff to Ben for review, you KNOW he will tell you if there is something not right (one of the things I really respect about Ben). He was seeing the prim wiring at the sides of the pendant being way out of alignment! "OMG!!! How??? was my first thought" because I had done all the close-up shots of the pendants for my ads the day before, and they where fine... so I rezzed one to have a look and then I saw what he was seeing >.<

So I set to work fixing the prims, I then sent it to Ben and a copy to a fellow creator. I then got two IM's one from Ben: "Perfect! I love it" (or words to that effect LOL) but from my friend, she said that she saw the prims waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out!!!

So I thought about this for a bit, and I will admit, freaked out some... you hear about prims moving quite frequently, but how can you fix what you don't see or how can you accommodate for all the various ways people will see the one thing??? I removed my pendants from sale until I could work out what was going on.

I sent packs to my friends and got pics back, five pics in all... 5 different peoples view of my pendants:

I then got to thinking (after auto-rant about glitches and bugs for a while), what if it's the viewer people are using? So Ben who is lovely, and was just as thrown by this as me, set to work researching, downloading various viewers to test the theory. I had been using the new release viewer when taking building the pendants, but had switched back to the official viewer (1.19.1(4)) because I didn't want to upload the update at the time :P

This is what we came up with (compare the below with those above)the official release viewer at this stage is shown to be the safer bet for prim alignment (at least in this case) but as you will see above, how old your download of that version is, appears to impact on what you see. Here are the pics of fresh downloads of the official viewer on two different computers (last two images):

BIG difference between viewer versions and age of download hey!!!

Anyways, that concludes my VERY long post, sorry about that...but thank you for reading all the way to here :)


New Pendants for Men & Woman!!!

Hi Every one!

It's been a looooong while since I've made anything for men...sorry guys! This pendant comes in packs of two sized pendants, one for small avi's and another for lager avi's :D

The pendants are quartz crystal with a variety of semi-precious stones/shell hung on leather thonging with wire detailing.You can also buy them all for a bargain 50% discount if you purchase the fat pack :)

These are Mod/Copy so you can adjust them... please be sure to make a copy before you do though!

Available in world now at our Main Store or very soon on Slex and OnRez



July 14, 2008

50% Store Card Sale Extended!

Yeah alright, there you go... extended :D

I'm aussie, the whole slt thing gets me... northern hemisphere weekend is still on so enjoy!

Just pick up your store cards to the left of the entrance and go get some bargains!

DEFINITELY ends 3pm slt Monday LOL. [Teleport to main store HERE]



July 13, 2008

:+:SS:+: Grand Reopening is on!!! PLUS new releases

3pm SLT is here!!! get on down to our Main Store for DJ, dancing, New releases, gifts AND our 50% off store card sale!!!

Our new releases... WINGS!!!

Party goes until 5pm SLT, sale goes until 3pm SLT tomorrow, so be quick and don't miss out!!!

Elemental Forestry is also having a 50% off sale here so check the vendors for sales prices as marked! There is definitely something for everyone here today =D



July 12, 2008


Less than 13 hours to go to the Studio Sidhe Grand Reopening Celebration... Our DJ Maxx Something is polishing his turntable, we've been adding the final touches, dances, freebies, group gift, new releases AND our 50% off Store card sale... it's all happening! :D

Here's a sneak peak at our Teleporter... you can use this (just click the mushroom to where you want to go!) or wander around our store!

See you at 3pm Saturday SLT at our brand new mainstore!


July 11, 2008

Studio Sidhe Grand Reopening THIS Saturday!!!

~You are cordially invited to the Grand Reopening of Studio Sidhe~

We are proud to present a brand new store and look for Studio Sidhe!

As you may be aware, we have been working hard the last few weeks to create a new store that is fun, interesting and more reflective of the proprietor, Faery Sola. We've joined forces with Elemental Forestry to create a truly unique experience for you :)

The build itself is influenced by a number of sources; and we've arrived at something that IS very fae with something for everyone.

Please join us on Saturday 3pm slt for the celebrations, we will be having a dj, dancing, a new group gift, new releases AND a 50% store card sale!

Deilia Devin of Elemental Forestry is also setting her creations for sale for this 24 hr period so please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to familiarise yourself and perhaps buy some of her stunning work which you will find incorporated through out the store and in our garden section (just click the mushroom marked "garden" to TP to her vendors!)

Thank you for your continued support of the journey that is Studio Sidhe, we would love to see you there. You can come for a sneak peak at our main store HERE.


~ Faery Sola~

P.S. News about our new releases coming SOON!

Studio Sidhe

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