March 15, 2009


WOOOT! Knew I'd get you're attention!!! Yup, it's been a LOOOOOOOONG time coming, but here you are... a release just for the boys!!! Now dont say that everyone forgets you, k?

And no, no crocs where harmed in the making of this set... otherwise it would just be scary and gross, involving me wrestling crocs and defanging them, which I will not do even for the boys! I did however make the croc tooth texture ;)

And just because I thought you might enjoy these simple little bracelets:

You pic these pieces up either in world at the Studio Sidhe main store or on Xstreet.



P.S. When you land at the store, don't be scared...I rebuilt it! Just haven't had time to formally announce it yet LOL


Hair: PE Harrison Sambuca Black Tipped
Outfit: Last Call: Moda
Poses: Luth Male pose wall

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