May 27, 2011

Spring Days with Studio Sidhe and Oh My Stars!

Hi Everyone!

Today a really fun hunt starts at Oh My Stars! The theme is April Showers bring May Flowers ( which totally works if you're in the Northern Hemisphere... or so I've been told! LOL).

Being an Aussie and from Queensland in particular, we don't really have four seasons, down south they have more variation, but where I am we pretty much just have summer and winter... just a fun fact I'd thought I'd throw in! :D


I made a wearable multipose prop for the event... a hat! :D One thing I do know about living down under is the sun!

The hat has 5 fun poses so you can look all stylish and blissful while you celebrate the season and for only 10L while the hunt is going on.

Because I suck at hunts, and think that some things should just not be painful; I've made the hunt object (a rain drop) rather large and have the pics of the 5 poses leading you to the hunt item... cause I'm nice heehee

There are some amazing stores that I'm sure you'll enjoy as you hunt around the two Oh My Stars! sims... can't wait to see your pics of all the goodies you'll pick up! :D

[SLurl to Studio Sidhe at Oh My Stars!]


May 02, 2011

It's time for a Culture Shock!

Check out who's in our pants already:


If you'd like to join them go

Jeans come in 8 colour choices. 50% of all our jeans sales goes to Médecins Sans Frontières (more commonly known as Doctors Without Borders).


Studio Sidhe

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