December 20, 2009

Christmas @ Studio Sidhe

Hi everyone,

Yup, not long now till Christmas... actually started my RL pressie shopping today, which is so not like me to be so organised! Go me!

I've had a very busy week in SL, lots and lots and lots of fun, and what do I find the most enjoyable pastime in sl to be? Why creating of course! My newest releases have been added to the Lucky Dip which is still just 40L a go.

First up, a fun little pose prop:

Also available also on Xstreet or at Winterstock

Next up a tinsel choker with Bells... very festive and best bit... this is sl; you won't get itchy ;) Also available also on Xstreet or at Winterstock

And the releases from earlier in the week can also be found in store or on Xstreet. The pose set is split into two prizes, so each of the pose set prizes has 4 poses in it. The snowflake beaded choker is also available at Xstreet.

And of course the Snow globe - Snowman building pose prop which is still on sale at Winterstock.

PLUS one of the favourite things I've ever made... the unicycle aaaaaaaaand a leather flower vest in festive colours :D

Hurry in to Studio Sidhe and get your fun stuff for Christmas sorted!



December 14, 2009

Revolution anyone?

Revolution! A time of change, often scary, but! The energy of revolution, the passionate dialogue, the shear power of getting a whole body of people together to speak with one voice, everyone bringing their experience, expertise, ideas and dreams to the table... everyone acting for a common goal, with hope for the future... amazing stuff!

I am in my own small way, a part of such a revolution, to sit in and participate in discussions with people equally as passionate on this subject as I am, is heady stuff, you just can't help but feel energised... a feeling of being in the right place at the right time... WOW. A true high, and one that I hope I never come down from LOL and THIS is what inspired this pose set, everything I want to say, but said in pixel body language heehee

The second release is something I started well over a month ago, piece to work in with all the Christmas stuff going on.

And lastly...

YES! the Lucky Dip is back at Studio Sidhe!!!!

AND even better, those two new releases are in with prizes :D Please note though that the pose set has been split into two prizes, so you get four poses in one of the pose prizes. Six prizes in all, and for only 40L a go :) If lucky Dips aren't your thing, then you can also buy all the items in world =D

The lucky dip & new releases can be found at Studio Sidhe main store or you can get the pose set in it's entirety on Xstreet.

Until next time,




Revolution Ad:

Hair:Schadenfreude Blueberry Sangria Thom - OMG LOVE IT! the textures are lush! & the style as you can see is super cute :)
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Blue Sphinx tone 1 Female [Custom Colour - not for sale]
Top: Schadenfreude Noir Batwing Tank, shirt
Pants:[][]Trap[][] Black Hakama - TOTALLY in love with these pants, they are sooo similar to pants I wear in RL :D
Choker: ::FlipSide:: 'Chained KiTTeH' Padlock collar LOVE. You need this in your inventory too... off you go! :)
Gloves/Hand Chains: :+:SS:+: Morpheus - The Endless Chains w Gloves - Clearly these are something that my avi will be buried in... they took that bloody long to make and I'm so seriously proud of them! :D
Prosthetic bits: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears & SLink Jolie Pied Feet
Poses: Me, obviously :P

Snowflake Beaded Choker Ad:

Hair:Schadenfreude Blueberry Sangria Thom - oh! there it is again! must seriously love this hair LOL ;)
Skin: La Sylphide Skins - LS Katie Tan (have said it before, LS make some of my favourite skins)
Dress: Evie's Closet -*EC* 7 Swans (Winter)- Just look at the dress & you'll understand why I chose to wear it... divine!
Prosthetic bits: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears
Gloves/Hand Chains: :+:SS:+: Morpheus - The Endless Chains w Gloves - told you; am seriously going to wear them forever *nods*
Choker: :+:SS:+: Snowflake Beaded Choker - ah, the whole point of this ad... so of course you should let yourself become a slave to impulse & run down to the store and buy it!
Shoes: Illusions -*~*Elf Slippers
Pose: Me again... could it be that Faery Sola wins the SL award for blatant product placement? *facepalm* I do believe so!

December 12, 2009

Back in Black

Hi everyone!

Yeah it's been an AGE! Well it feels like that... RL has been crazily busy, but finally I'm Back!!! :D

For my first post back, I have a bit of a combo deal, it's a fashion blog BUT it's also to announce my new release... weird? well yeah, I'm a content creator that does on occasion do fashion blogs, so am combining the two here LOL Why? because the new release I was set to blog, inspired me to make some hand chains and gloves to go with it ;)

Okay, so on with the outfit!!!

The dress is perfect! The release from Evie's Closet for the 12 Days of Christmas event... her day was day 7, the one with the swans, and for it she made this spectacular dress (shown without many of the prim embellishments that are awesome, but didn't suit the look that I was going for with the pics)in white and as shown, black.

The thing I love about Evie's creations, besides the style and consistent quality, is how versatile they are. For whatever reason, many of Evie's dresses just seem to bring out the inner goth in me and I LOVE IT! LOL

For the rest of the outfit... The hair which I am in love with is from a hair store that's been around a while but is new to me, Penumbra which I discovered on one of my jaunts to Trap at the Twilight sim. The demo's themselves completely won me over, the way all the prims where a sample of all the colours available looks awesome on these hair styles! I'd love to see this for sale with the other colour selections :D *adds to my Christmas wish list to Santa*

The shoes are lovely! (feel free to zoom in on those), they're from Lazy Places! Fun but stylish! The choker is from Flipside, it's awesome... I love Flippa Stella's prim work, the woman has great skills :D The skin is a custom recolour of Sphinx from Trap (sorry, not available for sale). The poses used in both pics here are from the awesome 5ifth Order (my first stop for action poses) aaaaaaaaaaaand... last but not least! My new release...

A big thank you to hyasynth Tiramisu for rescuing these gloves from being named something lame & giving me the perfect name for them AND a big thank you to Tamzin Xigalia for doing the fantastic ad pic :D

Morpheus - The Endless Chains w Gloves is available either in world at Studio Sidhe or on Xstreet.

Until next time, enjoy!



Dress: *EC* 7 Swans (Black)
Choker: ::FlipSide:: 'Chained KiTTeH' Padlock collar
Shoes: [LP] Pr0n Heels
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Sphinx Blue F TONE 1 {CUSTOM}
Ears: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears Pointy
Hair: .::.Penumbra.::. Ruki Deep Black
Leather Gloves & hand chains: Studio Sidhe - yet to be named or released LOL
Pose: 5ifth Order GraveM_Stand07
Location (Top pic):
(Vendor Ad):

November 15, 2009

Dream Dancing

Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet has released Elizabeth. A beautiful gown of exquisite detail and craftsmanship... I know, TOTAL Captain Obvious moment given we're talking about Evie's Closet...when has she released something that is not perfection itself?

The gown is awesome, I love the swishing skirt movement... that's one of the things that gets me every time with Evie's creations... the natural flow and movement of her skirts. I always find myself looking for a dance ball so I can watch the skirt go SWISH! heehee LOL so decided to include a piccy of my avi dancing at Moonsong.

Evie teamed up with Elizabeth Tinsley (notice the name did you? good, cause the dress *is* named for Elizabeth, so you are very clever) who made some spectacularly detailed and delicate jewellery to go with the gowns. The clever thing about this collaboration is that Elizabeth has given you two options for the collar and necklace, you can wear the necklace without the collar... easy. OR you can wear the collar with the necklace already attached, so you don't have to worry about conflicting attachment points! I love that sort of forethought! :D

Oh best news EVER! The Elizabeth gowns are available for a LIMITED time only at a ridiculously low special release price, so get there NOW![TAXI]

That's all from me, I'm going to go back to my dancing!

Until next time,




Gown: *EC* Elizabeth - Green
Jewellery: ET~The Faerie Queene in Forest
Hair: Exile Emmanuelle hazelnut
Skin: LS Katie Tan - Mocha
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat (i) - SbZ
Pose: Studio Sidhe
Location: Moonsong

November 12, 2009

To Write Love on Her Arms - From the heart

Newdoll Nikolaidis passed me the most precious box this evening... Three creators had made these tattoos, a glorious & touching way to bring awareness to the tragedy of depression, self harm, addiction...

for full story of what "To Write Love On Her Arms" is... see this

The three creators who made these tattoos being distributed around the grid to people who wish to show their support of this powerful and much needed message are:

Allison Widdershins
Deviate Destiny
Nefer Avro

I work with young people, I am a teacher, I have bathed the blood, I have dressed the wounds, I have been the ear for students who felt so out of control of the pain in their lives, so overwhelmed by everything they were feeling, that they have told me they just wanted *something* to focus on, something that they could be in control of, even if it caused them harm. I have wept for these young people, & I have railed at a world that should protect young people from life experiences that drive them to this... It is for these reasons, that I support such a worthy cause.

If I could arm people going through any or all of these things, it would be with the ability to get their arms around who they are, and be able to truly love who they are ... from the heart.

I've passed the pose I made for this pic, & another one for larger framed avi's to be added to the pack being circulated.



Pic Credits:

Tattoos:Love Tats Shirt Layer by Nefer Avro, Love Tattoos by Deviate Destiny
Pose:From the Heart - Studio Sidhe
Pants::::Sn@tch Twisted Circus Pants (Orange):::
Jewellery:Illusions - *~*Cord Wraps: Small/Copy
Hair:Fusemelon - *FM* City Life Cinnamon
Skin:La Sylphide Skins - LS Katie Tan - Mocha
Eyes:-SbZ- EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright

November 07, 2009

Some Winterstock Fun!

Hi Everyone!

Presenting Studio Sidhe's Winterstock exclusive pose prop for Christmas!!! You'll find it HERE. We're sharing a space with Evie's Closet, so come down & check it out :D

I've rezzed a slightly lighter version of the pose prop at the stall, but you get the full 19 prim version when you buy it. It's Mod/Copy so you can of course mess around with it to get the look & prim count you want. Oh! & the best news... it's only $100L!!!

I do encourage you to get it within the next week, as I am planning on making other things for our Winterstock space, but will be swapping out the stuff that is already there... so don't miss out!

Also, don't forget that the 50% off store card sale is going on for ONE MORE DAY at Studio Sidhe main store. You know I'm not someone to call a sale every second day, so who knows when the next one will be! LOL



November 05, 2009

New Poses & Sale @ Studio Sidhe!

Hi everyone,

Above is the new model pose set that I have released, it's called "Feisty", a name suggested by Isle Lunasea when I did a shout out in plurk for a name for this set... Thanks Isle :)

Poses are available in world in the set or individually at Studio Sidhe main store.

In other news...

We're having a SALE! yup I know, a sale is a rare, rare thing at Studio Sidhe, I think I've had maybe 3 in the 3 years we've been on the grid? if that.

It's a store card sale, mainly cause I only just got home from work, saw Acha's post and went YES! and simply do not have the time or energy atm to reprice all my vendors... I have a few LOL

So how does it work?

Buy a Store card BEFORE you start shopping:

Get a $1000L store card for $500L
Get a $500L store card for $250L
Get a $300L store card for $150L
Get a $100L store card for $50L

BUT SAVE MORE *IF* YOU'RE IN THE STUDIO SIDHE IN WORLD GROUP!!! Just wear your tag when you buy a store card and get:

$1000L store card for $450L
$500L store card for $220L
$300L store card for $130L
$100L store card for $40L

So that's it from me, doing my bit to promote good sense... Help support content creators through shopping only at their stores, by keeping an eye out for the creators you love, if you see dodgy stuff going on with their stuff... tell them. Education & awareness is the way, boycotting creators stores for two days only hurts those creators.

Take care, and Enjoy the sale... ends on the 7th!!! :D



November 03, 2009

When Less is NOT More

Okay, so my grandmother always told me; "Less is More", and generally, I agree... except for today!!! :D

Yup, this outfit I've put together is totally over the top, totally full on and totally lush :)

So what inspired me to break my granny's simple rule you might ask? This hair! OMG LOVE IT! Kalli from Discord Designs sent it to me the other day and when I put it on I was just WOW! awesome! You may know Kalli's work with braids, and she does do brilliant ones... I've worked on some jewellery to go with those braids... so I can tell you as one that has stared for hours on end intensely zoomed in on them, they really are THAT good, not many things can stand up to that sort of scrutiny. But I think that this hair shows you that she's not just about braids. The way she has variegated the colours is so well done, and the style itself is lovely.

The outfit is from Schadenfreude, Allegory Malaprop does great work. It's one of those shops that you can just click & buy everything there without going "hmm, hope the seems match", her stuff is always quality. The boots are from Bettie's another store that I love.

The rest of the outfit was put together through a total adventure of TP'ing to stores that I had never been before... I had fun!

I went to Mandala for the first time ever, I HIGHLY recommend that place! I make jewelly (as I'm sure you know) so I tend to be a bit of a jewellery snob, this place left me going WOW! the attention to detail and the originality of the pieces there is just amazing! The choker & necklace where a real find, some great stuff to be found at PERTURB/ation The waist scarf or stole as it is advertised in store is from =IZUMIYA=

And lastly, the skin, it's from Trap, and just rocks, well you can see that for yourself... another store that I will be going back and back and back to!

Until next time when I fill you in on my fun gambols about SL.




Hair: Discord Designs - -dD- Mira - Adjustable (Noir)
Bracelets: *[MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet/RED Bright
Eyes: -SbZ- EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright
Waist Scarf: =IZUMIYA=Stole Set/RPO [Red]
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Sphinx Red F TONE 1 No tat
Choker: *PERTURB/ation - ToRiCo -chain choker- [RED]
Necklace: *PERTURB/ation - SUGGESTIVE -Necklace- [RED]
Outfit & Gloves: Schadenfreude Darkness Lurking Bondage Pants
Boots: Victorian Ankle Boot (sculpted lower) - by Bettie's
Pose: Studio Sidhe

November 01, 2009


Hi all,

In keeping with my new tradition of blogging the things on the grid that I love, so I can share it with the masses... here is my weekly post :)

Check out these poses! Cool ha? Totally kick arse? hell yes! These are the work of the posing genius Jonny Dusk of 5ifth Order.

As a fellow content creator I think it's important to recognise the people on the grid who's work just shines. For me as a pose maker, I can say with absolute sincerity that Jonny's work is just that. His work is brilliant. His ability to capture and convey emotion, action, and story in just one still moment is surpassed by none.

If you don't know the work of Jonny Dusk, and have never been to 5ifth Order, I urge you to do so. Jonny is the poser that I want to be when I grow up! :D

The rest of the outfit I put together from Exile, Illusions, SLink and La Sylphide. For full outfit & pose credits scroll down)

In other news! Remember that gorgious outfit that Evie Miles of Evie's Closet released earlier this month... name Faery (after me, just in case you missed that ;D)? Well, Amyla Wakowski of the Hidey Spot has made some lovely skins to go with that (ALSO name after moi!)

So as Name Stuff after Faery Month, *coughs* I mean OCTOBER, draws to a close (well for northern hemisphere folks in any case) I leave you with the pic below of me; Faery, wearing Faery and Faery LOL

Take care, and until next time...




Poses: 5ifth Order 5ifth ~ZHAO AO~ SwordFemme 01 - HUD - Go now and get these... also you need the Saving me pose sets and the Photograph set, and the Grief pose prop & the Payne & Despair sets... okay, will stop now, but you have some things to put on your shopping list now :)

Outfit Illusions *~*Hedera Complete Silks Set... OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Get it if you don't have it already.

Hair: Exile Savage brownsugar... one word for this and that is AWESOME! You'll need to go to the boys section though to find it... obviously it works for girls, cause well, how hot is my avi in it, seriously?

Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Flat Bare Fin... best bare feet in SL in my opinion, a must have.

Ears/Earrings: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears... oh look! something I had a hand in, these are the kick ears, & the earrings just add something (I think)... get them :D

Skin: La Sylphide - Katie - Tan... if your reading this and going "OMG I meant to get those skins when I read the last faery post!" you are going to get my mood face... go there now!

Wings: Fancy Fairy Tendril Wings in Fleur... You can NEVER have too many wings, these are spectacular, obviously... go get them :D

Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ... lovely, that is all.

Sword: Faery size "Highlander" Bastard Sword (build by Karl Greenstein, textures by Faery Sola)

Location: Night/80/116/25 ... awesome place, haven for the glowtards in sl like me! :D Hey, I'm a glow addict and I'm PROUD!

Last Pic Credits:

Outfit and Wings: Faery By Evie's Closet in Blue

Skin: Starlight September [Faery] in Ciel available at the Hidey Spot.
>> OBVIOUSLY both these items are a must have!

Hair: * 0 Style * Yuuya *(Swedish Blond)_M ... Tinted blue with glow :D heehee
Location: My Garden, Moonsong.

October 25, 2009

This is Bat Country!

Oh hai!

Yes, I know I went "pfft, I am so not a fashion blogger", but I have decided that given that I have exceptionally good taste (obviously), I should share this with my fellow shoppers :)

This outfit is not named after me... sad over site I think you'll agree? LOL But when I first saw this outfit by Silent Sparrow I decided it was a must have. I'm not a big shopper when it comes to fashion, I tend to spend my L's on gadgets, sculpts (I have a *slight* addiction there), landscaping & general fun quirky stuff.

So to get me out of my workshop it really has to catch my attention, and this did... I love the hand drawn detail that hyasynth Tiramisu puts into her designs. I'm a definite fan of hand drawn stuff.

The skin is another favourite by La Sylphide. Stephanie Misfit creates some beautiful skins, but the thing that sets her work apart for me is her very strong feminine faces... just glorious!

The hat/hair is an old favourite... Noah by Philotic Energy. This hat/hair combo is not currently available as it is having a little make over & a freshen up. It's brilliant now, so I can't wait to see what it's next incarnation will be! You can check out Aems' current styles at her new store Fusemelon.

You can get the rest of the outfit details below... thanks for reading,




Hat/Hair: my favourite hair in the world: Noah by Philotic Energy... if you don't have it, you'll just have to wait to get it, possibly cry a little until you can get it, but eventually Aems will release it again & the world will look all shiny & new.

Skin: La Sylphide - Katie - Tan (Mocha) - LOVE LS skins, go get this too... you won't regret it.

Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ

Jewellery: :+:SS:+: Celtic Knotwork Bracelet [bronze] & :+:SS:+: Woman's Celtic Knotwork Leather Cuff -Right (Brown) - Obviously you should go & get these because you are a discerning person of good taste ;)

Boots: [0N] Wo Boots - Very good boots, clearly good combat boots are essential to any wardrobe.

Ears: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears Pointy - of course you need these! pfft, there is no question!

Pose: :+:SS:+: On the Fence - Couples Pose (pose was taken from that set... you can rip these sets apart cause they're copy/mod...handy, I know)

Outfit & Goggles: (women's)(rust) Lysander ~silentsparrow~ - The outfit that contains bats! but isn't it great? Go get that too.


October 24, 2009

Bubble Going To Go Pop!!!

Bubbles can't last, they're lovely while they're here, but then they go away...

okay, these faery bubbled *do* actually last, but the chance to get these fun bubbles for 40L in the Lucky Dip can't last. It's ending on SUNDAY! So if you haven't been in yet to get your bubbles, I urge you to do that :)

If you're sitting there scratching your head and wondering what I'm going on about, see my last post for the back story.

After Sunday the bubbles will still be available but only at full price at our Studio Sidhe main store or on Xstreet:

"Heehee!"Faery Bubble
"Ah, 'scuse me?"Faery Bubble
"o-oh!" Faery Bubble
Faery in a Bubble - Multi-Pose Prop

also, you can put up some lovely silver spider and cobweb jewellery in the lucky dip & some spider hair sticks (perfect for Halloween).



October 19, 2009

Faery Bubbles @ Studio Sidhe!!! :D

Come have some fun at Studio Sidhe!

New release faery bubble pose props are available either at full price ooooor.... for a VERY limited time (& I mean limited... this wont be up this time next week!) you can try your luck at the lucky dip for 40L a go. There are 7 prizes to be won... four of them are the bubbles and the other three prizes are some very fitting gear for Halloween :D

Pic of the Lucky Dip Display... Just look for the basket of lollies!



October 15, 2009

...and 40 Foot Smurfs!!!

Oh hai!

I don't usually do fashion blogs, well actually, I don't think I ever have before, but first time for everything! And I know that Caj, Gidge, Acha, Mourna, Tear & Amyla will be going "Has the world gone mad??? FAERY IS BLOGGING!!! *dies*"

But THIS outfit I felt needed some Faery bloggage... for two reasons:

First Reason: The dress is the spectacular new creation of Evie's Closet... a name I'm sure you'll agree that is synonymous with style and quality.


Second Reason: This outfit is named for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! heehee

I am, to be totally serious now; so completely honoured by this tribute and beyond touched... to know that someone thinks enough of you that they would want to name one of their creations after you; well it's massive. Is there a greater compliment? And for that creation to be made by one of the best designers in SL... I'm floored! There is really no other way to put it.

Below is a pic that Evie did (amazing photographer as well as being a genius designer) which I wanted to show you here because I just love how versatile her creations are... from the top pic of the rather goth look I did above, to this sweet, whimsical image below... I think it shows that you are only limited by your imagination when choosing a look to go with her creations.

The outfit comes in five different colours with each colour coming with FOUR different options of dress... and the wings are so gorgeous! :D

So go to Evie's Closet now, and pick yourself up a glorious faery outfit, I'd love to see what you do with my namesake heehee



Top Pic Credits:

Dress - Faery by Evie's Closet
Skin - Vampire by Nomine
Hair - Noah by Philotic Energy
Arm Brace - Flipside
Bracelet - Spider & Cobweb Bracelet - Studio Sidhe
Stockings - Blowpop
Ears - SLink & Studio Sidhe Crystal earring collab.
Boots - Wo Boots Zero Number
Monocle -:::zhizheng:: G-Glasses01 monocle2
Location - Studio Sidhe @ Moonsong
Pose - Studio Sidhe

October 11, 2009

Take a step back in time...

hi everyone,

This is a gown that I have been working on for what seems like forever! LOL But I am really happy with the result :)

As you know, I don't make clothes often, and when I do it's because I simply can't find anything in SL like what I want... so I make it LOL

The gown features lace detailing on the bodice, hem and cuff frills and is finished with some charming pearl buttons. There are two skirt options, with and without a tie back and everything is of course mod/copy so you can adjust it to your avi. I hope you enjoy this peak into an era of gentle feminine beauty.

The nightgown is available in world at the Moonsong main store or at Xstreet should you like to give this as a gift.



PS don't forget that if you wear your in world group tag you receive a 10% discount when purchasing store cards =D If you're not already a member of Studio Sidhe in world group, you are most welcome to join.

Ad Credits:

Hair: >TRUTH< Candice - burgundy
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone C- 1.1 Bare 1
Pose: :+:SS:+: Faery Balance 1 (Taken from Rainbow wine glass)& vendor ad.
Ears: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears Pointy
Feet: SLink - Jolie Bare Feet
Location: Studio Sidhe Mainstore @ Moonsong

September 28, 2009

A totally fun offering from Studio Sidhe :D

A totally FUN thing to have!!! heehee Just wear it and go!!!

It's a unicycle that has an inbuilt cycling animation AO that works while you walk around or just stand :)

The pedals are animated too! they move when you are in motion or when standing still you can touch the unicycle to have the pedals moving or still.

and just because I think this is one of those things that anyone with a pulse will enjoy, it's on sale for only 100L :D

Available at Studio Sidhe main store or Xstreet.



September 24, 2009

Flipside & Studio Sidhe are proud to present.... Moonsong!

Hi everyone!

We've been working hard and now it's time to play and show off all that work!

We're having a party to celebrate the opening of Moonsong! Our very own sim where you can now find the main stores of Flipside and Studio Sidhe.

The events we have planned for the day will be loads of fun, so drop by and have a dance, listen to some great music, hunt for the little moons that will be hidden around the sim with great gifts from both Studio Sidhe and Flipside AND pick up a special sim opening gift! :D

Hope to see you there,

Take care,


September 21, 2009

Studio Sidhe... A new adventure :D

A pic I took while taking a few moments to contemplate the move.

For those of you that missed the news... Flippa Stella [Flipside] & myself have moved to our very own sim!

It's called Moonsong. Named in honour of the Goddess Moon. A multi-pose prop which you might remember featured in the collaborative photographic competition held by Evie Miles of Evie's Closet and Studio Sidhe a few months ago. It was my first project I worked on when I purchased Poser earlier this year and it was a raging success... so much so, that now I have a sim! haha crazy isn't it?

My pose making has been so warmly welcomed by the people of SL which has given me the confidence to branch out and expand. To be honest, I'm totally floored by the reception; given there are so many awesome and well established pose makers here. I am touched and humbled at the support I have, and appreciate it beyond words... thank you :)

While poses are something that I have taken to like a duck to water, I will continue to let my imagination and creativity lead me to make whatever it is I am inspired to do... be that jewellery, accessories, quirky fun stuff, clothes or whatever.

I would like to say heart felt thank you to Glyph Torok, our previous land lord & truly beautiful lady in every way. She has just been amazing & I have so enjoyed and appreciated being a part of the Chocolate Orange experience (We sank a pirate ship off the coast of Moonsong as a homage to Chocolate Orange :D)

I would also like to say a special thank you to Elizabeth Tinsley and the Oubliette crew for inviting us to move our sim next door... we are going to have loads of fun!!! :D

I look forward to seeing you at the new sim, you'll see my new mains tore and go "what the???" I'm sure! I swear I must have been way zoomed out for most of the structural stuff because it's HUGE hahahaha BUT! everyone who's seen it so far things the layout is logical and easy to navigate... so I hope you enjoy!

I do of course have many lovely secret places for your to find and explore (would it be my store if it didn't? ;))

Take care,


P.S. We are planning a party to on that coming soon!

September 19, 2009

Studio Sidhe & SLink New Collaboration @ Jewelry Fair 2009!

Ears come in four styles and a texture change hud to match your skin tone and texture as well choose between 9 different crystal detailing!!!

These are:

Abalone, Flourite, Turquoise, Lapis, Carnelian, Bamboo Agate, Amethyst, Citrine & Rose Quartz :D

Available at the Jewelry Fair 2009

The new Studio Sidhe Main store

or at Slink

In other News:

Flippa Stella of Flipside & myself are moving to our very own sim, Moonsong!!!!

The move is still a work in progress, but we'll be done I think within the next week, so until then, please turn a blind eye to the not quite finished sim LOL

We are planning a sim opening celebration and will fill you in on the details of that SOON! :D

Until next time, take care :)



August 30, 2009

Hurry! Time *is* running out!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you a nudge if you're sitting their either thinking "hmm I'd like to have a go at that!" or "oh yeah, got the staffs, I REALLY have to get around to doing my pics for that!"... there is less than one week to go!!!

For details or to get the sorcerers staff you can go to Studio Sidhe main store.

Here are the full details and conditions of the competition:

The Sorcerers Photographic Competition is brought to you by Studio Sidhe.

Conditions of Entry:

* You must purchase & feature the :+:SS:+: Sorcerer Staff Multi Pose prop in your picture using at least one of the poses in the pose prop.
*** Use of the demo sorcerers staff will not be accepted***

* You must be a member of either the Studio Sidhe in world update group or the subscriber group.

* Entrants are limited to a maximum of two entries. Only one picture from any one resident can win a place (i.e. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize).

* By entering this competition you agree to your pictures being used in future by Studio Sidhe for any promotional purposes and to the picture/s being on display in world after the competition.

* Pictures must have full permissions and be delivered in a notecard with "Sorcerers Photo Comp Entry - [Category]: [YOUR NAME HERE]" as the name of the notecard. The notecard will then be submitted to the mailbox at Studio Sidhe Main store. ***Entries Submitted directly to Faery Sola will NOT be accepted***

* The last entries will be collected at Midnight SLT time on the 4th of September, 2009.

*** There are TWO categories, but you may enter only one of them, so choose carefully:

** Category 1: Photographic.

This category is for those who do not wish to or do not use image editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp or Paintshop etc. This category is there for restricted to those who rely solely on in world lighting, set, costume, shot perspective etc.

You may however crop your picture but that is the extent of any photo manipulation. Those entering this category who are found to have not kept by these simple and clear guide lines will be disqualified.

Photographic Category Prizes:

1st Prize: L$10, 000 Cash.
2nd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$1000
3rd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$500

** Category 2: Post Processing.

This category is for those who wish to use such image editing software as Gimp, Photoshop or Paintshop etc. Basically the rules here are "if we can still make out the staff and the pose, you're good to go." Although of course, less can be more.

Post Processing Category Prizes:

1st Prize: L$10, 000 Cash.
2nd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$1000
3rd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$500

****The Judges decision is final, please keep it friendly and support your fellow artists... please no "John McEnroe" like tantrums in any public forums such as plurk, blogs, etc. Such behaviour lacks decorum & takes some of the shiny off the fun for everyone...But also; you won't be accepted into any future photo competitions by this store.

**** Winners will be notified.

**** HAVE FUN!!!! :D


~Faery Sola~

August 25, 2009

Another look for the Sorcerers Staff Photographic Competition!

The Sorcerers Photographic Competition is in full swing... here's a little pic I did to give you some ideas about themes outside of the "sorcerer" realm. This is a competition only limited by your imagination, so have fun with it, and the pose prop :)

For some more ideas check out The Hole in the Universe blog, over the last week Tearsong Vaughn has been featuring the staff using some very interesting themes and looks :)

The Sorcerers Staff and Competition details are available in world at Studio Sidhe

N.B. This competition is for both men and woman, and has two categories: Photography only and Post Processing ... so everyone can join in the fun and have a go at the L$10,000 prize for each category.



Top Pic Credits:

Dress: Muse by Evie's Closet
Hair: Ophelia by Evie's Closet
Well: Elemental Forestry
Pose Prop: Sorcerers Staff by Studio Sidhe
Location: Studio Sidhe - Main Store

August 21, 2009

Photographic Competition Brought to You by Studio Sidhe!!!

Announcing the Sorcerers Photographic Competition!!!

Starting NOW until the 4th of September 09.

* The pose prop is unisex, so this competition is open to both men & woman.

* 2 categories: Photography only & Post Processing... Giving everyone a fair chance :D

* L$10,000 prize to the winner of EACH category.

For more details go to Studio Sidhe


August 20, 2009

Sorcerer's Staff... add some magic to your day :D

This is a very special release, and of course has a story... but first for those who don't like stories and just want to cut to the chase:

This pose prop is wearable, menu driven multi pose and comes with both a left and right handed version of the staff :D 4 poses + plus one staff hold pose, so a total of 5 poses in all in each staff. The staffs are mod/copy so you can fit them to your avi and mod the staff to suit your pic.

Available in world at Studio Sidhe or Xstreet.

Okay! that done... time for my story!!! You comfy? ... okay, I'll wait while you grab a pose ball... ready? righto!

Well, I went down to Siddean's store, SLink, when the Revolution Coats came out...who didn't? they are HOTNESS! and got the Chocolate one for some promo pics I did with the Kaleidoscope set I recently released as well as the collaboration between Sid and I... (the elf ears with the Kaleidoscope earrings), so that was all good, I was all ooh, How chic am I? but then randomly, as only seems to happen to me, I accidentally had hair named after me, done by Hair Solutions, and the lovely Kia from said business sent me the hair... so there I was running around my crazy, yet fun little corner of SL; feeling like a Million dollars in my SLink coat & my very own hair and thought OMG! I'm like some windswept sorcerer in this outfit!!!! and of course, HAD to make a staff and poses to go with... which of course meant I had to go back to SLink and get the coat in black (*nods*, yes, it really was necessary... one must have pretty stuff). So there you have it... my rather long winded ramble about how this latest pose prop came to be.

I would also like to give a BIG thank you to Achariya Maktoum (both Lady Acha and Boy Acha) for taking the pics for the ads, she is a lovely woman and way talented. THANK YOU ACHA!!! :D

That's all from me for now,




Photographer & Models: Achariya Maktoum

Bear cloak and hat: Hat Mechanic King Bear
Skin: Abyss Scorpio Dystopian
Pants: Sn@tch leather pants in brown, meant for girls
Shoes: Zero Number side-zip boots
Bandages: ~silentsparrow~ from the Aconite outfit
Necklace: Studio Sidhe Bone & Silver Engraved Choker (men's)

Hair: Schadenfreude Veronique
Skin: SLink Bijou Skin Pale Midnight
Coat: SLink Revolution Coat Black
Boots: SLink Claire Boots in Black
Necklace: Violet Voltaire Kawaii Cameo Necklace

August 15, 2009

Announcing the SLink & Studio Sidhe Collaboration

I am VERY pleased to announce the release of a collaborative effort between myself and Siddean Munro of SLink.

As you are no doubt aware; SLink recently released some brilliant elven ears in a variety of styles. We have been working together to bring you another jewellery option for these ears... Studio Sidhe's Kaleidoscope Earrings from the recent range released.

I'm sure you'll agree they are a fantastic match for the stylish fae in SL. The hud that comes with these contains all nine varieties of earrings, which makes it quite a fat pack indeed! You'll have earrings to match pretty much anything.:D

You can find these in world the Sachara Elven Ears and Kaleidoscope Earrings in world at:

SLink - Matching anklets are also available there downstairs with the bare feet :D


Studio Sidhe
- You can also find the rest of the Kaleidoscope range here :D



Picture Credits:

Skin: La Sylphide - Katie - Tan
Ears w Earrings: SLink/Studio Sidhe: Sachara Kaleidoscope
Hair: SLink Hair - Pixie - Almost Black
Coat: SLink Revolution Coat Chocolate
Pendant: Studio Sidhe: Kaleidoscope Pendant - Orange
Pose: Studio Sidhe: Recline - from Multi-pose stairs set.
Location: SLink Mainstore @ Sanctum

P.S. I think after that pic, I should seriously consider a career in fashion blogging... seriously, how hot is that look?! LOL

okay okay, I'll stay with content creation for now... ;)

August 12, 2009

Kaleidoscope Jewellery :D


Busy Busy as always at Studio Sidhe!!!

I've made a whole pile of new jewellery... the Kaleidoscope collection!!! :D

They come in 9 varieties as pictured above, in pendants, bracelets, earrings and anklets! You can purchase them separately, as colour sets or as fat packs of each variety :D

The anklets of course have been made to go with my favourite prim feet from Slink, and are available in world at either Studio Sidhe or

oh AND Siddean Munro of SLink and I are working on a super secret collaboration! Very exciting, but you'll have to wait just a little bit to hear more =D



Ad Credits:

Skin:La Sylphide - Katie - Tan - Cover Girl
Hair:* 0 Style * Yuuya *(Auburn)_M [ears]
Top: Nyte'N'Day - Tied Up Black (MC)
Pants:* *ICING* Confetti Capris
Prim Feet:SLink Barefeet
Eyes:-SbZ- EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright
Jewellery:Studio Sidhe (featured)
Pose: Studio Sidhe (coming soon)

Studio Sidhe

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