July 21, 2009

SLink + Gold + Silver + Prims + Studio Sidhe = Nice!

Hi Everyone!

I have got to say that taking a break from RL work certainly helps me get my SL to-do list done!!! :D

As many of you might remember I made some elven anklets to go with SLink Barefeet a little while ago, and have been *meaning* to get around to doing some more anklets!

Making the elven anklets was great fun but also it came with the bonus of meeting and getting to know a truly talented and lovely lady; Siddean Munro. Siddean is the creative force behind SLink. She was more than happy for me to make anklets that could be worn both with her prim feet (for those of us that love them) and with system avitar feet... and she also encouraged me to do more!

So here they are:

These I made to go with the gold and silver collections that I've been working on and adding to with the recently release of the silver and gold teardrop & bell headpieces:

Available in world at:

Studio Sidhe


And on Xstreet:



I hope you enjoy them :D

Take care,



July 18, 2009

Something Fun & Funky for the Summer!!!

Hi everyone!

It appears I'm on a bit of creating bender at the moment! LOL I think it might have something to do with my third rez day coming up? not sure... but YAY while it lasts! :D

For a lot of you it's summer, so your looking for things to complete your summer look... for me, it's winter *sobs* but making bright and happy things always makes me feel better, so it's a win for you, and a win for me! > Insert Dancing Banana <

These are currently available in store at Studio Sidhe and Xstreet.

Thanks everyone, until next time!



Ad Credits:


:+:SS:+: Silver Nose Chain with Bells
:+:SS:+: Teardrop & Bell Headpiece - Silver
Skin: La Sylphide - Liliana - Black and White - Noir
Outfit: *EC* Soleil Faery - Luna
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ
Hair: Exile Emmanuelle mink
Pose: :+:SS:+: Attitude Model Pose 1 [Mirrored]

July 16, 2009

Headpieces for M'lady?

Hi everyone,

I have continued with my theme of gold and silver jewellery this week, with finely detailed, elegant and ultra feminine headpieces with bell & teardrop embellishments!

The headpieces have four options in both the silver and the gold, but rather than sell each separately I've packed them together. Why? well there will always be times when you'll want dangly bits hanging down to frame your avi's face and times when a hair style that you choose to wear would be better with just the one hanging piece... it just gives you more options without having to run back to the store to buy the headpiece that would suit your look of the day.

I've shown a very elegant look in the above pics, but as demonstrated very effectively by Achariya Maktoum in her recent blog post [HERE] it can also add a funky element to your outfit :)

I've made these headpieces so that they can be worn with your nose chain with bells... and they do look great together (if I do say so myself! LOL).

The headpieces are copy and scripted to resize.

They are currently available in the new release section of Studio Sidhe main store or on Xstreet:



In other News:

I have split up the Silver and Gold Collections released last week so that you can now purchase the pieces separately. These separates are only available at the main store, so do check them out when you go to have a look at the headpieces =D

Outfit Credits:

Outfit: * *EC* Aurora Gown
Hair: Exile Emmanuelle
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ
Skin: LS Poppy Light - Spring Breeze
Pose: :+:SS:+: Faery Frolic - Free Frolic

July 11, 2009

Ready for something a bit different?

Hi Everyone!

Wow, okay, I am sooo excited, I have made my very first model pose "set" *puffs out chest proudly*

I was totally inspired to do this from a look a mate and I put together for a blog post made out of a funky faery outfit from Evie's Closet and some awesome accessories from Flipside (you'll see in the ad pic below!)

These poses are available separately or as a set :D In world or you can get the set on Xstreet HERE.

A couples pose made while thinking of the dynamics of the relationship between sisters... different views will tell the tale of different aspects of this relationship... as seen by me, but you might see something in there for you too...

and courtesy of Evie Miles who posed with me for these pics... a different angle to give you an idea of the different moods this pose set has:

This set is also available in world or on Xstreet HERE.


As many of you know, I am a major fan of Jonny Dusk and his poses at 5ifth Order, and have had a bunch of his pose sets set up around the main store for people to play with for some time. Jonny has recently put vendors up with the poses so you can now purchase the poses for yourself either here or go to his store.

Also, I will be taking down the entry pics on display from the Goddess Moon competition at the end of the weekend, so if you've not been in yet to see them, please do so... they are really something not to be missed!

and just in case you entered the competition and missed my notices, blog post, Koinup & flickr shout-outs... if you haven't received your thank you gift yet, please drop me a notecard! :D

Thanks everyone,



Attitude Model Pose Set Ad Outfit Credits:

Skin: ::FlipSide:: Gothic skin - Halloween
Nose Chain: :+:SS:+: Silver Nose Chain with Bells
Tattoo: ::FlipSide:: Vine Tat
Hair: PE Phebe Black
Armbands: ::FlipSide:: Buckled Bracers - left and right (sb)
Choker:::FlipSide:: Spoilt Bitch Collar - Rusted Metal
Dress/Shoes/Wings Outfit: *EC* Soleil Faery [Pre-Release]
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ

July 05, 2009

OMG it happened... Yellow Gold @ Studio Sidhe

Hi Everyone!

This week is jewellery with a twist... the twist is a pose (I know you're shocked!)
Check out the pics, the pieces will be familiar to many of you, the silver has just been packed in a collection of things I felt go together nicely and *drum roll* first time ever at Studio Sidhe...

Gold Jewellery! (first time, and quite possibly the last LOL) I made gold versions of all the silver pieces as I had many many many requests for it... so here it is!

This collection comprises:

*A nose chain with fine bell detailing.
* Delicate Filigree Earrings
* Filigree Pendant suspended from leather thong necklace
* Filigree Hand Bracelet - Two pieces connecting the bracelet around the wris to a detailed chain with filigree hand piece fastened on the middle finger - sometimes
called a "slave bracelet".
* Belly Dancing Chain belt with bells - w both a pelvis and stomach option.
* A bonus pose made exclusively to show this jewellery collection.

Available in world at Studio Sidhe or on Xstreet:



In other news;

I've been running down my seemingly never ending to-do list and have made extra layers for the Rough Linen High Top pants that I released... um... a year ago? *coughs* yes, well didn't want to rush into it LOL :P

The extra layers are for the top of the pants so they are now available in shirt and undershirt layers as well as jacket layers. If you have purchased these pants in the past, drop me a notecard with what colours you need and I will drop the additional layers on you :)



Ad Pic Credits:

Hair: PE Keeva - Clinker
Outfit: Total Betty - Bohemian Chic
Skin: LS Poppy Light - Spring Breeze
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ
Feet: SLink BareFeet Flower Child
Pose: Studio Sidhe
Jewellery & Accessories: Studio Sidhe

July 01, 2009

Thank you from Evie's Closet & Studio Sidhe :)

To all the people who entered the Goddess Moon Photographic Competition held by Evie's Closet & Studio Sidhe.

We were so thrilled by the entries and the beautiful comments from you that we decided to send you all out this Moon Harp pose featured in the above picture =D

We can't wait to see the pics you make with it!!!!

If you entered the competition and didn't receive your gift, please contact Faery Sola in world & I'll send one over :)

All entries are rezzed for your viewing pleasure at Evie's Closet and Studio Sidhe



Studio Sidhe

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