February 27, 2010

Alice Loitering Among the Shrooms @ Studio Sidhe

Hi everyone!

As I'm sure most of you know, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has been released and everyone is back to talking about this classic tale :D

A while a go a shout out was given for creators who wanted to be a part of an event in SL to celebrate the release of the film. I jumped on it as an excellent opportunity to do two things I've wanted to do for a long time... make my own 'shroom poses and use my clock face texture that I made ages ago for a pic on my flickr stream for something in SL! So hooray! both missions accomplished with this pose prop! :D

Sadly the event is for all intents and purposes canceled, as I was informed today, so while that is sad thing, at least the other designers and myself still have our creations to release :D

So lets talk about the shrooms! *grins* They can be either a pose prop or they can be used as a feature for your garden. With 6 fun poses and the prop itself being of a quality and style I'm sure you've come to recognise as being distinctly Studio Sidhe. You're bound to have heaps of fun with this! :D

Alice Loitering Among the Shrooms is available either in world at our main store or on Xstreet.

Until next time,

Take care and have fun,


February 12, 2010

Community Spirit Blogger Challenge: Zai Lynch

Cajsa IM'd me the other night and asked me if I was interested in doing this blogger challenge...YUP! I love any opportunity to celebrate our unsung heroes!

Zai Lynch is a mate of mine from quite a ways back, she immediately sprung to mind for this. You see Zai is not one of the drama set, she's not in a fashion clique and you may never have heard of her... but Zai is amazing. When I first met her she was heavily involved in all sorts of volunteer services to help other residents, one of these was the Mentoring program.

Zai later became active as a German speaking Linguist and has done a lot to break down the language barriers in SL.

You're probably reading this and thinking that she must be someone that doesn't have a lot going on in RL, and you'd be wrong, she has a very full RL... but the truly amazing thing about Zai is that she *makes* time to help others. For as long as I have known Zai this has been true.

I don't catch up with Zai anywhere near as often as I should, I really have no excuse, I just suck basically. But she is often in my thoughts, and I check her wiki from time to time to see what latest craziness she's been up to... oh! that's the other thing about Zai, besides being a true altruist, she also is hilarious, she has a gadget for every occasion and it's ALWAYS fun, and she just has a wacky kind spirit that makes me smile.

I raise my glass to the Zai's of SL, because without people like her, SL would not be a place that I would want to stay or spend time in.

Love ya Zai,



PS I blatantly flogged the image from Zai's Flickr stream *shh* I didn't know if I should upload one of my pics of Zai with her funky dreads as she seems to be all chic nowadays! LOL

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