April 25, 2008

Playtime @ Studio Sidhe :D

Hi everyone! something a bit different!!!!
I made a SeeSaw...YAY!

The SeeSaw comes in both Transfer... so you can give one to your mates and share the joy OR if you'd like to have a few seesaws around, then the copy version is for you :D

A few interesting things I'd like to share, that went into the making of this seesaw:

1/ This was my very first attempt at making poses *puffs out chest proudly* and done because I couldn't buy full perm seesaw animations anywhere.

2/ My search for a sculptie tree trunk lead me to a new creator Deilia Devin, who is beyond talented and lovely. She made the stump for the seesaw. I highly recommend her and her store, Elemental Forestry.

3/ I really couldn't have done this without a few mates who helped me problem solve a few debacles along the way. *Hugs to Aems, Zig and the Brats*

You can see the SeeSaw in action at our main store.

Until next time, I hope you're having fun and laughing loads! :D

Take care,

April 12, 2008

Yup! I took my courage in both hands and did...Pants!

Okays, so pants where the great scary untried and unknown for me... but I took my courage in both hands and gave it a shot!

I have to say, for a first attempt I'm really really REALLY pleased with them :D

okays, enough about me and the "I'm a star" badge I am making for myself (kidding... a bit LOL) and onto the pants!

As you can see from the pics, the style is a simple high waist (which is on the jacket layer)... that's not apparently obvious to everyone ... *cough* Sasy *cough* =D With the pants layer on both the underwear and pants layer. The style is finished with prim lower leg parts... BIG thank you Aems for making that alpha map in the 11th hour!

The fabric is a rough textured linen which I sourced from CG Textures, which has some awesome textures free to use on anything and everything! with of course, a bit of messing around in PS.

I don't think there's much else to say about them... Sasy Scarborough beat me to the blog... thank so much for the AWESOME review btw Sasy :o) You can check out HERE. And you can pick up a pair of the pants either in world at our Main Store, at OnRez or Slex (links at the side -->)

OH! I also need to mention that the Wine red pair is not available for individual sale until the 21st of April as they are a Red Stick scavenger hunt prize for the RSIAF... so drop by tomorrow and see if you can score a pair for free!
The pants and a few not-yet-released items will be hidden in and around my main store... just look for the Red Sticks.

Hope to see you there!


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