January 30, 2009

Truth Style No.2 Faerified: Louisa :D

I am SERIOUSLY having a lot of fun with this challenge I've set myself. A whole Pocahontas theme seemed to just go with this hair. You can find these hair ornaments as well at the Louisa style it was made for in world at Truth for the duration of his awesome sale :D



P.S. Three posts in three days... what's going on??? LOL

January 29, 2009

Psst! wanna hear the latest on Truth Hawks?

okays... you ready for this?

He's having a Hair Sale! *nods* true! I know the news is a TOTAL bombshell!!!

lol Okay, I see you're not floored by this news, what is new though, is that I've been to the sale, gone slightly nuts (haven't we all???) and got a whole bunch of lovely hair! I took them home with me and of course got busy "faerifing" them, cause that's what I do!

The first hair that I've made ornaments for the style Olivia:

You can pick these up at Truths Main Store HERE for the duration of the sale :D

The challenge is to faerify one hair style a week... will see how I go with that >.<



P.S. Faerify is a word (now) XD

Faerify -verb: to take an object or concept and add a particularly faery spin to it.

P.P.S. OMG did you notice? Two posts in two days!!! totally unprecedented for me!!!!

January 28, 2009

:+:SS:+: Silver Nose Chain w Bells

Hi All!

New stuff this week... nose chain! I needed something to go with this funky skin I got this week, as well as compliment my silver filigree set, and came up with this!

Its available in world at our main store or on Xstreet.



P.S. don't forgot the wall ad competition, see previous post for details on how you can win $5000 in Linden Dollars or some other great prizes!

Ad Credits:


Hair: * 0 Style * Yuuya *(Auburn)_M
Skin: *AD* SKIN- Virgo- Natural-Dark (LS)
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Shabat Bright (i) SbZ

January 26, 2009


Last night I was sent an IM by a great mate, Sasy Scarborough and was asked if I was busy. I looked around my workshop at the 5 different projects I'm working on atm and of course responded with "Nope!" LOL & was promptly sent a TP... and off I went!

I arrived at the Pond, everything taking an age to rez, my avatar detector telling me I was surrounded by a bomb of people I couldn't even see a hint of yet, and saw the chat from Winter; "are there any more Skips?" and a "hiya Fae" from Aems... then I started to clue in... took me a while! LOL

The Aussie party was ON!!! I hit my friends list to see my mate Flippa had just logged :( which was a total shame & quickly jumped on Yahoo to grab Ziggy Quirk (seriously one of the most fun people in SL!!!)

We soon left the pond, big drag not being able to rez stuff when you have a bomb of aussie freebie props to have out, and went to Sexy's aussie beach... IT ROCKED!!! Everyone boganed up as much as they could from their inventories... man we where CLASSY!!! But that's the real fun of Aussies, we can laugh at our selves... there was no room for all the BS that so often is rife in SL, we where all just a bunch of Aussies there to celebrate our day; Australia Day, and have a bloody good time... and we did!!!

I want to say thanks to everyone who was there, this was one of those moments that you treasure forever.

So if you see an Aussie around SL today, give em a wave, offer them a beer (they probably already have one, but it'll be an empty soon enough) and join us in celebrating Australia Day!!!

Beauty Ripper, Cobber, Mate, Kangaroos... AUSTRALIA!!!!

*hugs to you all*


PS I just did the group pick up like our post cards found in servos across the country... seemed to fit the yobbo bogan theme ;)

January 23, 2009

Studio Sidhe Wall Ad Competition!!!

Once upon a time, about 6 months (or so) ago, a great friend of mine Zai Lynch introduced me to something rather cool, and from it came a rather fun idea to build a wall unlike any other LOL The wall itself looks fairly ordinary, just another part of the ruins that comprises my main store. Until you walk right into it… then the fun starts ;)

For those of you that have gone exploring and discovered all the bits and bobs to see and do at Studio Sidhe, you undoubtedly know what I’m talking about… I’ve had people there for literally hours playing with the wall! So it is no surprise I guess that since I built the wall I’ve had many many MANY requests to sell copies of it so that people can have there very own walls to play with… the problem for me is how do you show in one ad just what the wall actually does?

Just recently one of Studio Sidhe’s very clever group members, Veneigh Eilde, came up with the BRILLIANT idea to hold a competition to make the ad for the wall. So that’s what I’m doing… it’s great, gets the job done AND allows me to concentrate on making some other great stuff :D

Your probably wondering what prizes are up for grabs? Here you go…

$5000L payed in Linden Dollars to the winner.
$1000L Studio Sidhe Store Card for second prize.
$500L Studio Sidhe Store Card for third prize.

There will also be random prizes given for those entries that while maybe not in the top 3, have something about them that is note worthy :D

So if this seems like something that you’d like to have a go at, go to Studio Sidhe Main Store in world and look for the above sign, touch it and get the full details of the competition.

Hurry up though, entries close on the 6th of February!!!

As always, I hope you have heaps of fun,



January 14, 2009

Chippy Faery!!!!

In Australia we have a nickname for carpenters... Chippies! And that's what I've been this past week LOL. Yup, I put aside my virtual jewellers pliers & soldering iron and picked up some virtual timber, nails, hammer and stuff :D OMG why! you ask? Because some friends & I have been building a mall(for MONTHS!!! lol) and finally all the shops are being moved into and we're getting set for our grand opening! woot! Will tell you more about the mall LATER, for now though...

We did need some small vendor spaces, and for that we looked for carts to fit with the theme and overall look & feel of the place... and wow did we look! I did find some nice ones, but none really fit the bill, so when you can't find what you want, the best way I have found, is to do it yourself... hence the "Chippy Faery"! :D

As I thought others might be interested in some low prim vendor spaces, I decided to offer them for sale and for a bargain price... especially given that they are Copy/Mod!

You can see one of them rezzed at my main store in world, or you can grab them on Xstreet or Onrez.

Right! now that that's done, I can get back to what I'm good at and throw some nano prims around! It was fun though =D

Until next time, have fun and Enjoy!


PS sorry about the ad pic, it could have been WAY more appealing had a certain blogger who shall remain nameless been available at the time to drape his naked Nutella smeared self over the carts in an artful manner... *shrugs* such is life.

January 11, 2009

Happy Thought for 2009 - The SL Residents Appreciation Group

A bit over a week ago a random thought and a question on Plurk inspired a Flickr group... I know, it's ANOTHER Flickr group! But don't groan too loudly till you read the rest!!! This group was created as an opportunity for residents of SL to show their appreciation for an individual/group or anything else that has enriched their SL experience.

Already there are over one hundred members and quite a few images submitted by people wanting to say "thanks" and truly, the whole thing has taken off with a bang! It's lovely to see so many people get on board with something that has no extrinsic reward, is totally positive and is good fun!

To read the back story of how this group came into being click HERE. You'll find links to the original plurk discussion that set the wheels in motion :D

As this group was created with a specific purpose there are of course some rules to keep it on track & help to make it accessible for everyone, don't worry their aren't too many, but please check them out before you add your images! I would like to say a BIG thank you to the three ladies who agreed to help moderate; Stephanie Misfit, Evangeline Miles & Ziggy Quirk. *hugs* you guys rock!

So if this seems like something you would like to be a part of come & join the SL Resident Appreciation Group, spread some joy & possibly make someones day! :D

Thank you everyone who has shown their support of this already, and thank you for reading all of this!



January 04, 2009

:+:SS:+: Flower Pendants!

Hi everyone!

I hope your Christmas & New Year was everything that you wanted it to be :)

This first release for 2009 is a simply designed feminine pendant... and yes, I've been playing in PhotoShop again... to bring you some fine silver detailed flowers on a variety of six colours of enamel or you can get the whole set in a fat pack at a 50% off discount:

Available on XStreet, OnRez or in world at our Main Store.




Skin: *blowpop* Tuesday Honey [Daisy L] brun, frkl
Top: *KUROTSUBAKI* Asian tunic & Hot pants_brown
Hair: PE Kalia Cocoa
Eyes: -SbZ- EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright
Pose: (ride) HPMD* WonderCycle S - only CSR (top pic)
*Luth* pose 65 (Vendor Ad pics)

Studio Sidhe

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