March 30, 2011

Thank You :)

In June 2008 I released my Leather Flower Vests and was proudly loitering in my little store in Alpha Centauri ( lets see how many of you remember that store? heehee)store waiting (optimistically) for an influx of people all eager to purchase my lovely new vests... the influx didn't come, but something way better did... or rather, someone; that someone was Achariya Maktou.

Acha had been drawn to my store when she'd seen my post on the feeds and had decided to pop over. I had no idea who Acha was; we'd never met and I always been woefully out of touch with the goings on of life outside of my own faery realm. I had no idea that she was a blogger. We began to chat, and I found an easy rapport sprung up between us, we had a laugh at my total lack of interest in shoes (something I've only recently begun to overcome...thanks Siddean & Jackal!)and spoke about Acha's studies that she was undertaking.

Acha then proceeded to purchase a number of items from store, I think in one fell swoop she'd managed to top my income at that time for a whole week. I was totally amazed and incredibly thrilled by her compliments as she tried on each purchase in the store... in the end wearing a crazy assortment of things that all just seemed to go together... I would later realise that that is a natural skill and trademark of Acha. Acha consistently came up with interesting looks using pieces and designers wares that most people would never dream would work together...and yet, she did it time and again :D

We then got onto the topic of blogs, with Acha saying that she would use some of the things she'd purchased in a post... WOW! I was stoked :D Being slightly left of center in SL and not fitting into any particular subculture or category, you pretty much found getting any sort of press a bit few and far between. A few bloggers would show my things from time to time...but THIS was a blogger who I didn't have to seek out, I didn't have to send a review copy to and hope that they would like my things enough to blog it...this was someone who had sort me out! I was amazed.

Acha later sent me the link to this post HERE.

Achariya Net has since shown many creations from Studio Sidhe and followed the crazy journey that has been my store. I have never forgotten the day that Acha wandered into my little store, and I have always been appreciative of her and her support of my work.

Anyways, I just wanted to share the impact that Acha and her blog have had on me and my store... we've both been enriched by the connection.

Thank you Acha <3

March 07, 2011

A taste of the masculine...

Hi everyone!

Today I'm pleased to announce Studio Sidhe's participation in the first Menswear Monday event! :D

Basically the deal is that for one day only men can choose from a selection of creations and designs from some awesome SL brands at a price that won't make them cry...EVERYTHING there is 100L or UNDER :D

I LOVE this as I have often thought the men of SL do get somewhat forgotten... and I admit that while I have almost always had items for men in store, it's a long time between mens releases... I do however let myself off the hook there somewhat as my store name *is* Studio SIDHE (pronounced SHEE) heehee Even so, Men have for years been requesting I make more mens stuff and so, I've made this pose prop...especially for men...



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