April 16, 2011

Studio Sidhe @ The Little Big Shop Event!!!

This year the The SL Little Big Shop Event is helping The Water Project
. A Brilliant cause who's mission is to bring clean water to over 1 Billion people who currently don't have such an essential resource. They do this one village at a time through building long term sustainable partnerships with the people of the regions in need... BRILLIANT! This is no quick fix solution, they don't just go in and throw a few barrels of water at people for a bit of publicity and then bugger off; they're in there, working with the people to change lives both now and into the future.

It's this cause that also gives this years Little Big Shop Event it's theme...water :)

Our brief was collaborate with another store that we were designated to make two items each, one to be an item with all proceeds going to charity and the other to be for sale at the Little Big Shop Fair.

I worked with a fellow Jewellery maker; Contessa Lacombe of Elemental Jewelry to make a complimentary jewellery set. Contessa made the earrings and necklace and I made the bracelet and the anklets.

All items were to be in keeping with the water theme. We chose the moon as our central design as the moon influences all things water related. We've paired this with a teardrop to symbolise emotions which the moon also influences.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Contessa; she was a pleasure to work with and always had unfailing enthusiasm for our project :) There were a few times where she needed to step out side of her comfort zone and she did it with zeal! I would recommend her to others for collaborations or inclusions in events any day... Great work! :D

I on the other hand was a nightmare to work with I'm sure... I did an excellent impersonation of a decapitated chicken while getting this fair, Fantasy Faire and Pose Fair set up!!! LOL BUT! I think that that also speaks to the caliber of Contessa's professionalism that she could take all of that in her stride and keep going!

You can find our collaborative pieces HERE as well as a whole fair filled with amazing work from old favourites you'll know and new up and coming creators that you'll be introduced too :D



April 01, 2011

Pose Fair 2011!!!... Are you ready?

6 hours to go!

(unless I've royally cocked up the whole time zones thing again...highly likely!)

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to be involved in Pose Fair again this year and have some really special couples poses released for the fair :D

Remember Kate Bush? The amazing song Running Up That Hill?, and the film clip with the spectacularly emotive choreography?

BIG thanks to Tamzin Xigalia for the awesome pics used in the ads :)

You can find these as well as other favourites from Studio Sidhe at this years Pose Fair...



P.S. The pants are Hakama Pants from Trap ;)

Studio Sidhe

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