December 28, 2010

Invitation to the Leaf Couture Photographic Competition :)

You are invited to participate in this fun event to celebrate the release of the Limited Edition Leaf Couture dresses :)

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself wearing one of the 6 dresses :D Hurry to choose you dress though as there are only 50 of each colour available!


The dresses & Where to get them:

GREEN - Phire Zhura - Style Genesis
RED - Kika Starbrook - For the Love Of...
PURPLE - Strawberry Singh -
FUCHSIA - Ailinn Grizot - She Blogs
BRONZE - Jenica Landar - Hey Girlfriend
BLACK - Freyja Nemeth - Old Fashioned

N.B. Black is now at Studio Sidhe Main Store!




1st Prize: L$10, 000 Cash.
2nd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$2000
3rd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$1000


Information and Conditions of Entry:


* You must feature at least one of the 6 limited edition dresses in your photographic entry.

* You can wear any of the 3 skirt options but you must be wearing one of them.

* You must be a member of either the Studio Sidhe in world update group or the subscriber group.

* Entrants are limited to a maximum of two entries. Only one picture from any one resident can win a place (i.e. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize).

* By entering this competition you agree to your pictures being used in future by Studio Sidhe for any promotional purposes and to the picture/s being on display in world after the competition.

* Pictures must have full permissions and be delivered in a notecard with "Leaf Couture Photo Comp Entry [YOUR NAME HERE]" as the name of the notecard. The notecard will then be submitted to the mailbox at Studio Sidhe Main store (look for the snail!).

***Entries Submitted directly to Faery Sola will NOT be accepted***

* The last entries will be collected at Midnight SLT time on the 12th of January, 2011.

* Entries can be either edited using 3rd party software such as Gimp or PhotoShop or unedited. Please be aware that the judges understand that a good photo is not dependent on what software you may or may not use.

You can take an inworld snapshot that may have far more impact on an audience than a picture that is dripping effects and brushes!

* The Judges decision is final, please keep it friendly and support your fellow artists... please no "John McEnroe" like tantrums in any public forums such as plurk, blogs, etc. Such behaviour lacks decorum & takes some of the shiny off the fun for everyone...But also; you won't be accepted into any future photo competitions by this store.

* Winners will be notified.

* HAVE FUN!!!! :D


~Faery Sola~

P.S. I'd like to send a special thank you to three ladies... Hibiscus Flossberg and Veronica Ogleby who gave me the idea to hold a photo comp after plurking some lovely pics they'd done of themselves in their dresses, and Jenica Landar... the lovely lady who kindly allowed me to use the wonderful picture she made for her blog post in the poster for this event. Thank you Ladies! *hugs* :D

December 27, 2010

My Turn!

Pull up a chair... now. If you haven't heard already I'll fill you in... there is a little bit of fun going on around the grid... it involves a very special limited edition release from Studio Sidhe.

Limited edition is pretty special right? yup. Lovely stylish and elegant evening dresses, in a variety of 6 colours... each with 3 skirt options and a Caged Lacrimose Pendant to go with, and only 500L... Sound good?



NOW! for the fun part! :D

There are few differences... (BOMBSHELL! it's me after all! LOL)

I've put one of the dresses at a different Studio Sidhe location around the grid! :D AND! cause I'm totally thrilled with this dress, a version of which I made for the Call for Couture event earlier in the year... I thought I'd invite some wonderful bloggers to help me show you these dresses with their own distinct style and flare.

I asked each blogger to feature one colour of the dress, and gave each the location where you can find that particular colour at. Don't worry, it's not a hunt... just click on the links below to see the beautiful work of these amazing ladies & get the location for that dress :D

GREEN - Phire Zhura - Style Genesis
RED - Kika Starbrook - For the Love Of...
PURPLE - Strawberry Singh -
FUCHSIA - Ailinn Grizot - She Blogs
BRONZE - Jenica Landar - Hey Girlfriend
BLACK - Freyja Nemeth - Old Fashioned

I'd like to say thank you to the lovely ladies who put their hands up to be a part of this. You've all been brilliant to work with and I am in awe of your you're beautiful pictures! Everyone... go see their pics, they're awesome! :D


December 18, 2010

SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE....ZOMG! Faery is doing Summer Cleaning!!!!

If you've followed the mad capped goings on of Studio Sidhe and the crazy faery behind it all, you'll know that this really *is* a moment when in years to come people will ask you:

"Where were you when Faery Sola announced she was going to try organisation?"

In order to do this I've set up a discount area where the clothes and "does not fit elsewhere " section was, and have set everything insane prices from 1L - 60L in that area. Not everything will go away forever, but most will... I'm using this as a way finding out what kinds of stuff you guys like (things have changed a lot in the last 4 years), so I'll know more in a week or two :D

The sale will however be done by New Years and the stuff destined to be ditched will disappear forever from my store... so if you've been hanging out for something in the store, come and check it out. There are clothes, jewellery, poses, wings and um other stuff that I will probably add to it too LOL.



P.S. Please do look under the christmas tree... a lovely idea started by Alia from Falling Gods Inc :)

November 28, 2010


Sometimes I sit alone...

Sometimes I dance alone...

Alone doesn't mean lonely...

But sometimes I like it when people dial me up just to say Hi. :)


Hat: *ARGRACE* Fedora Hat - only cap-typeL <-- ZOMG! Colour change & resizable... full of awesome!
Hair: -dD- Savannah - Adjustable (Malice) <-- Kalli Rocks! I love her hair, she's a creative genius... she must be, she got me into pigtails!
Shirt/Waist Coat: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set_Black<-- BEST BARGAIN EVER!!! & soooooooooooooooooooooo well made... 200L for every conceivable option layer & prim wise. Kalli put me onto this store...bloody brilliant! :D (oh, it's a guys store if that matters, but how does my avi look, seriously?)
Pants: * Deviance * - Leather Pants <-- excellent, wardrobe essential.
Skin: LS Claire Light - Diva <--- Love my La Sylphide skins! Best human skins EVER!
Shoes: Victorian Ankle Boot (sculpted lower) - by Bettie's <-- another wardrobe essential... black so they go with everything... go get some :D
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ <-- my main eyes... why? cause they're that good.
Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Belly Dance <-- Great poses here... go get some :)
Location: Herbalys 'Sky Club' <-- AMAZING new club! Beautifully designed and detailed. The use of space is awesome. It's actually like a club should be, not just a box with a stage and a few posters flung up. there are booths and levels... great atmosphere. Love it! :D

P.S. In other news...

I forgot to blog this, but Studio Sidhe's 4th Birthday was on the 24th of November (yeah I know right? how could I forget to blog that? ). Anyways, below is the group gift I put out to celebrate, it's still available in store, just activate your inworld group tag and hit the group vendor by the door :)


November 21, 2010

A Beautiful Unicorn to Celebrate the Grand Opening of a Beautiful Sim

This weekend a wonderful Grand Opening is taking place at the magical sim of Enchanted of Elven Realm.

I was approached by the lovely SeleneLily Galicia some weeks ago who asked me if I could make some unicorn poses for the sim that features unicorns... my interest was piqued, and after visiting the sim and meeting the delightful owner, Nalalie Montagne, I decided to make a unicorn pose prop instead! :D

I've made a copy version and a trans version and both are available at Enchanted for the grand opening at a special introductory price!

Also, 20% of all Studio Sidhe sales from the event will go to the Friends of Animals Fund! :D

Please come and show your support of the beautiful sim, participate in the photo contest or even in the poetry contest! :D You can win some awesome prizes and you can see some other amazing stores like Fallen Gods Inc and Simply Fae! You're sure to have a ball...

Enchanted of the Elven Realm

Hope to see you there,


November 17, 2010

For a good mate and wonderful friend...

One of the few people in SL that I will leave my workshop for, one of the even more select crowd I will go to a party for, and one of the only people I will stay till the end with.

<3 I am sending you love and light Caj. *hugs*

October 15, 2010

The Merry Satyr Comes to Studio Sidhe! :D

Well hello there! :D

You noticed that I've dropped my wings and picked up some awesome new Digi Legs from Gauze did you? LOL Never fear! I'm a modern Faery, I have detachable wings and have them safely tucked away.

Now! What about these legs!?!

Aren't these the most amazing Faun legs you've ever seen? Awesome is what Yukio Ida, amazing creator behind Gauze does, she was after all the person behind those mindblowingly brilliant Mer Avatars.

When Yuki sent me the legs to crash test I was jumping around so excited and immediately got a gazillion ideas for poses to go with them. Luckily I was able to catch a few of these ideas and create them before they flew away again!

I made both a multi-pose prop with three Merry Satyr poses. This is of course menu driven with adjustable pose positions. The stump also comes with wearable Pan Pipes as well as a set of pipes for you to rezz that will give your friends a set of Pan Pipes too! :D

Next, I made a set of five single Merry Satyr poses which you can purchase separately or buy as a set [see below]. You also get a set of wearable Pan Pipes to go with the pose, if buying single poses, don't forget to get your pipes from the Pan Pipe giver near the stand :D

You can find both the Digi Legs (which also come in fantastic demon varieties) and the Merry Satyr Poses at both Gauze @ Twilight and Studio Sidhe Mainstore

You can also find the poses on the Marketplace.

Until next time,



P.S. Also don't forget the Call for Couture Festival and Auction!!!!


[Gauze] Faun Legs - Brunettes
Skin - Plastik -:[P]:-LionHeart-Poet-Fable-Empress
Hair - PE Enda II - Mocha
Top - Illusions - *~*Hedera Leather Bra: Undershirt
Leather Bewb Straps - Flipside
Horns - Illusions -*~*Gazella Horns: Copy
Facial Tattoo - Nuuna's makeup v4 1.

October 11, 2010

Studio Sidhe takes up the Call for Couture!

If you haven't already heard, then you may be sitting there going HA?! That crazy bohemian faery makes jewellery and poses, she rarely make clothes, let alone couture!!!! hahaha


You know I like to keep you all on your toes, right?

Below is the Blue Emerald Leaf Couture limited edition gown which includes the Caged Lacrimose Pendant (I decided that jewellery had to play some part in this creation as it is after all what I normally do!). These are currently up for auction! This auction is the only way you'll be able to get this gown... you can go and place your bids HERE. 50% of the proceeds go to the Samaritans.

Below is the Pret-a-Porter version of the Blue Emerald Leaf Gown and is being sold at the Call for Couture Festival HERE.

The ready to wear version of the gown comes with two skirt options; cocktail and ankle. The gown also comes with the Caged Lacrimose pendant.

I hope you enjoy my first foray into the world of frocks! *cough* sorry, couture!

*puffs out chest proudly*


P.S. Huge thanks go to Aeon Perian and Tamzin Xigalia for their awesome photography for these ads *hugs*

October 04, 2010

Halloween @ Studio Sidhe!

Hi Everyone!!!

Brand new multi-pose prop!!!

My Witchy Broomstick... 6 poses with a Faery twist packed into a rezzable witchy broomstick.

Available in world at Studio Sidhe or at the Marketplace.



August 29, 2010

Euphoria @ Studio Sidhe


You might recall a jewellery series I started ages ago called the Happy bead collection? I've just gone & found the old blog post to find it's nearly 2 years to the day! LOL spooky. See HERE & HERE.

So it's been AGES, but they've remained favourites in my store and I still like my happy beads so YAY! But almost since the day I released the happy bead collection I've had people asking me to make anklets as well.

Of course me being me, I put it on my "to do list" which pretty much resembles a list of "things to do at some point before I die" LOL But I do generally get around to things... I just have to be inspired to do them!

I HAVE however finally made them! and I've combined all the requests by making Euphoria anklets :D (yup, had to get a happy name in there to go with the theme ;))

I proudly present:

Available at Studio Sidhe

Each pack comes with three different builds to suit SLink prim feet in the styles:

* Jolie Pied Low
* Jolie Pied Medium
* Jolie Pied Tiptoe

Why specifically these feet?

Because they're the ones I wear. Please be aware that if you are wearing them with other prim feet that may use larger invisible prims than the SLink feet the beadwork may be eatten by alpha clash. Please also note that they are not made to go with Pivoting feet.

You can purchase SLink barefeet at either Studio Sidhe mainstore or at SLink.

You can also find the matching necklace, bracelets, navel piercing, earrings, and bead belt to go with your new anklets in store or xstreet.

Until next time take care,



August 02, 2010

Studio Sidhe @ The River!!! :D

Hi Everyone!!!

WOOOOOT! Grand Openings... aren't they fun?! :D

You're invited!!! There are some awesome shops here and some fantastic bargains and exclusive items!!! :D

This is what you can get from Studio Sidhe:

Couples Pose made specially for this event and on sale for ONLY 75L for the duration of this event:

Special Edition Black and White wing pack! Only 50L and you get 4 variations of wings!!! =0



aaaaaand thre rest of the Happy Wings are there in the 25L Lucky Dip!!! :D


Okay, I now get to go and collapse, which I'm rather thrilled about... hope to see you at The River! :D



July 20, 2010

It's my Rez Day!!! :D *dances*


Lots of stuff going on, which has actually been just a tad more dispersed than it seems in this one post... but I'm slack at blogging so I'll just say very little... let the pics speak for themselves & hook you up with the relevant links... sound good?

First up: SALE! *look up for details* YES! very exciting, go there! :D Why? OMG! It's my 4th Rez Day! [Studio Sidhe]

It's also the 4th Rez Day of Flippa Stella! We met on Help Island back in the day!!! We decided to plant a tree & a plaque to commemorate... you can find both on our sim, Moonsong. You can read how it all came to be here.

I made possibly the cutest thing I've ever made... it balances on the knife edge between YAY & way to cute please to pass me the bucket... BUT! I love it! and apparently so do other people... cause they're blogging it (WOOT!) aaaaand you can get your very own LadyBug Painting pose prop for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE as part of the ProPoser Hunt .

Lastly! LOL NEW GROUP GIFT!!!! Faery Dust tattoo layer... full body & face (you'll need V2 or Emerald to see it) :D Just join the Studio Sidhe in world group and grab it from the main store.

Until next time... enjoy!


June 26, 2010

Moonsong Caves FIRST Photo Competition!!!!

Moonsong Caves
, for those who've been ever so slightly out of the loop, are a collection of subterranean volcanic caves... but not just awesome caves that make a fun and different place to hang out and take photos... no! these caves also house some of SL's most creative designers!!! :D

Okay, now that everyone is on the same page... here's the news if you haven't heard already...

Moonsong Caves is having it's FIRST ever photo comp!!!! True!

You're wondering how the hell that works? Easy!

Below is the info & conditions... you can also get the note card version in world:

Thank you for your interest in the first Flickr competition being held at the Moonsong Caves! :D

This competition is brought to you by the collective vendors of the Moonsong Sim which include:

* Discord Designs
* 5ifth Order
* Dark Mouse
* Lazy Places
* katat0nik
* Gauze
* Little Boy Blue
* FallnAngel Creations
* Flipside
* Studio Sidhe
First Prize:

$1000L store card/Gift certificates from:
* Dark Mouse
* Gauze
* katat0nik
* Flipside
* Studio Sidhe

AND!!! These fantastic prizes from the following stores:

* Your Choice of a hair collection from Discord Designs!
* Your choice of a pose prop from 5ifth Order!
* The beautiful Castalia's Song Statement Set from Little Boy Blue!

* The awesome Mystics Table from FallnAngel Creations!
* YOUR choice of AND item from the Lazy Places collection!

Second Prize:

$500L store card/gift certificates from:
* Gauze
* Studio Sidhe

Third Prize:

$300L store card/gift certificates from:
* Studio Sidhe


$100 store card/gift certificate from:

How to enter:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1/ You must purchase something from at least three (3) different stores in the Moonsong Caves

2/ Take a photo of yourself wearing or using those items.

3/ Join the subscriber group that you will find a kiosk for in the cave central area.

***This does not require an in world group slot so no need to worry ***

4/ Join the Moonsong Flickr group

5/ Upload your entry pic to flickr . Only one entry per avatar. and submit it to the Moonsong Flickr group. Please tag the pic with the designers that you are featuring and have the words "Moonsong Flickr Comp" in the tags as well.

6/ Entries close at 12:30am on Monday the 5th of July, 2010.

7/ Winners will be notified by Faery Sola or Flippa Stella when the judging is complete.

8/ All decisions are final

9/ have fun and enjoy the Caves! :D

Things you should know:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * we're not looking for the most professional pic in SL ... we want to see what you can do with all these awesome designers creations!!!! .... Creativity is the key here :D
* featuring more than 3 designers is perfectly fine! We understand that with a line up like this you are probably going to want to show more :D
* You can choose any location you'd like... whatever fits the concept of your picture.... we'd love to see people exploring the sim though.... you'll find all sorts of hidden wonders ;)
* entries from people who are not on the subscriber list will not be considered... we also will NOT accept any entries in world.
* If you are a photographer or have a photographic business.... please don't put your logo on the entry.

We hope you enjoy this competition and we look forward to seeing the entries!!! :D


The Moonsong Caves Collective :D

June 19, 2010

Got Wings?

Available in world at Studio Sidhe mainstore or Xstreet.
Single poses only available in world.



Studio Sidhe

RL art in SL. Fashion for your second life... Wear your art!