November 21, 2010

A Beautiful Unicorn to Celebrate the Grand Opening of a Beautiful Sim

This weekend a wonderful Grand Opening is taking place at the magical sim of Enchanted of Elven Realm.

I was approached by the lovely SeleneLily Galicia some weeks ago who asked me if I could make some unicorn poses for the sim that features unicorns... my interest was piqued, and after visiting the sim and meeting the delightful owner, Nalalie Montagne, I decided to make a unicorn pose prop instead! :D

I've made a copy version and a trans version and both are available at Enchanted for the grand opening at a special introductory price!

Also, 20% of all Studio Sidhe sales from the event will go to the Friends of Animals Fund! :D

Please come and show your support of the beautiful sim, participate in the photo contest or even in the poetry contest! :D You can win some awesome prizes and you can see some other amazing stores like Fallen Gods Inc and Simply Fae! You're sure to have a ball...

Enchanted of the Elven Realm

Hope to see you there,


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