June 23, 2009

Evie's Closet & Studio Sidhe - Photo Competition!

Hi Everyone!

Time is running out to get your entries in for the photo competition. I've spoken to a few people who sadly have been thinking that it's a really difficult competition. It's really not, all you need is:

* Goddess Moon Pose prop from Studio Sidhe
* Isabella gown or ballet outfit from Evie's closet, AND
* Your imagination!!!

I've copied & pasted the conditions & rules of entry which are available both at Evie's Closet and at Studio Sidhe below so you can see how easy it is:

The Moon Faery Photo competition is brought to you by Studio Sidhe, Evie's Closet, the letter 'R' and the number 8.

The rules are simple and as follows:

* You must be a member of BOTH Evie's Closet AND Studio Sidhe's update groups... Both businesses do have a subscriber option if you're worried about group spaces.

* The photo's taken ~must~ feature:

- At least one avatar wearing an Isabella dress/gown in any colour from Evie's Closet.
- At least one avatar posed using the Goddess Moon pose/s from Studio Sidhe.

These two items should be the 'hero' of the composition. The rest is entirely up to you. Apply lashings of your own creativity and imagination!

* Entries are to be submitted into one of the two mailboxes located at either Studio Sidhe or Evie's Closet

* Entries may be post processed in any program such as Gimp, photoshop etc.

* By entering your picture/s you agree that these pictures can be used by Evie's Closet & Studio Sidhe for any promotional purposes free and clear.

* Each entrant is limited to submitting a maximum of two entries. Only one picture per resident can win either first, second or third prize.

*Pictures must have full permissions.

* Last entries will be collected from the Mailboxes at 4AM SLT on 06/29/2009.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize - L$10,000 Cash

2nd Prize - A Gift Card to Evie's Closet valued at L$2,000 and a Gift Card to Studio Sidhe valued at L$1,000.

3rd Prize - A Gift Card to Evie's Closet valued at L$1,000 and a Gift Card to Studio Sidhe valued at L$500.

* The judges decision is final. Winners will be notified.

* have fun!!! :D

The whole point of this competition really is to have some fun!!!

We look forward to seeing what you can do with this :D



June 21, 2009

Poses, Hair Fair and MORE Poses @ Studio Sidhe

HUGE stuff afoot this week!!! Collaborations with some awesome creators, poses, and way more!!!

First up. Hair Fair! There is this mad awesome hair maker there by the name of Kallisti Burns, she's the creator behind Discord Designs and she has made some MINDBLOWINGLY fantastic braids! I've made some funky rainbow beads to go with one of her Hair Fair exclusive styles, Yolanda. You can get the hair at Hair Fair and the beads at either Discord Designs or Studio Sidhe.

Next up, another collaboration... this one with Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash:

This is a very unique pose set with four individual poses and four person group pose. Eight poses in all. This will be a definite feature in your lake, pond, or wherever you choose to hang out with your friends in SL.

This was a LOT of fun to make, Saiyge has made the fantastic moon and star sculpts and the the beautiful textures while I went mad with the the poses. To get an idea of the poses, see the pics below:

You can see and play with these in world at either Balderdash or Studio Sidhe.

Next up! A new pose prop available at Studio Sidhe and Xstreet:

AND a new group gift is also out in store. Just wear your in world group tag to get your free pose from the vendor :D

On a final note before I publish this post, I'd just like to thank the people who have sent IM's and notecards thanking Evie and I for hosting the Goddess Moon Photographic Competition. The comments have been really lovely. So thank you, and yes, to all those who have asked, I would love to host an equally imaginative and fun photo comp in the future. Don't forget to get your entries in if you haven't already, the competition closes on the 29th of June, 4am SLT.

Until next time,



June 14, 2009

Looking for some fun?

Evie's Closet and Studio Sidhe have gotten together to bring you The Goddess Moon Photographic Competition!!!

1st prize up for grabs is $10,000L!!!

For details on how you can enter, go to either the main store of Evie's Closet or Studio Sidhe in world :D



June 07, 2009

Rainy Day People @ Studio Sidhe

Hi Everyone!!!

New pose for you... works for both men & women...

This is a single pose with wall/window prop. The mood of this piece is set by the pose leaning up against rain drenched glass window, looking down to the world outside.

The exterior of the wall is rain soaked brick texture with interior soft wall textures.

* Original textures and pose
* Copy/Mod so you can change the position of the pose to suit male or female height, change textures or pull the pose out to use in another setting entirely :D
* Animated rain texture on glass window adds both mood & sense of realism.

Available at our main store & Xstreet



PS would love to see what you do with this so please feel free to add your pics to the Studio Sidhe Flickr group & see what other wonderful work others are doing.

PPS! this is only $100L at our main store until Midnight SLT tonight!!!! so jump in quick!

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