September 18, 2011

Studio Sidhe blog has MOVED!!!!

Hi everyone!

It's true! You can now keep up to date with all the quirky, fun and creative goings on of your favourite eclectic fae at:

Sorry I forgot to tell you about it sooner... thank Siddean for suggesting I write a quick post to tell anyone that goes here looking for updates!

Look forward to seeing you over at my new blog... it's swish!


July 19, 2011

Studio Sidhe's Tiny Ivory Cell Pose Prop
Menu Driven Pose Prop with 4 Pose Scenes

I have long been a fan of Oscar Wilde, in my teens the poem To L.L. is one of my favourite poems, the last verse I think resonates with everyone on some level:
"But strange that I was not told

that the brain can hold

in a tiny ivory cell

God's heaven and hell."

The amazingly powerful human mind, able to hold, to perpetuate, and to create both our triumphs and our tragedies.

The pose prop is built to enable you to have 360∘camera access to your avatar while posed with both a slide show sequence that takes you through the scenes and a menu driven scene selection that allows you a combination of options for your own art making :)

Thank you to HeZkeZl Slade who once again was instrumental in making a Studio Sidhe pose prop become a reality :)

Available at Studio Sidhe main store and on the Marketplace.




Skin: :::Sn@tch Passion Skin (Tone 2-Siren):::

Eyes: -{The Attic}- Shade Stone Eyes

Hair: PE Zoey Charcoal Red Tipped

Shirt: Nomine Deconstructed Half Shirt Set - black

Corset: Nomine Calvary Corset - red

Pants: Nomine Cheap Thrills Jeans - barbed

Nipple Covers: BLU 282 ~Titty Tape~

Shoes: [0N] Wo Boots (w/resize scripts)

July 15, 2011

Studio Sidhe @ Mee & My Roo Festivale! :D

Who would have thought that I would have become a breedable anything fan! But Meeroos are just way too cute for words... and a mate of mine game me one, so really couldn't let it die, right?

Well anyways, got way attached, and soon after was invited to be apart of the Mee & My Roo Festivale which is happening THIS WEEKEND!!!!

This set, EPIC grass mat, and 5 granny cushions with a different pose in each one is 200L for the set ... for this weekend only :D

You can however buy the cushions separately if you'd like for 50L each.

You might also notice the awesome shrooms, crystals & ruins in the background... they're from Kari who are also at the festivale so get down their quickly!

Pet roos, shop like there is no tomorrow! :D

Have fun!


July 10, 2011


Hazzah! yes! two pose sets in two weeks-ish!

Siddean was in plurk again and asked for good stand poses that showed off feet nicely... ta-dah!

You can get the poses either at Studio Sidhe Main Store or on the Marketplace.



Outfit Credits:

-dDx- Glasses - KB1 (unscripted prototype) <-- I get these fantastic pre-release protypes cause I'm lovely & I know the mad genius creator behind Discord Designs. Don't be sad, just get some when they come out! :D Also, how seriously sophisticated & clever do I look in these?! :D
Hair: SLink Sandie Hair Red Brown <-- VERY nice, if you don't have it you need to get it. SLink signiture whispy bits and all that soft, natural loveliness!
Skin:LS Poppy Tan - Gold Digger <-- STEPHANIE COME BACK!!!! SL needs awesome skin makers like you! *throws self on floor sobbing*
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ
Kurta:Zaara : Syona Kurta *maroon* <- Lovely, lovely, lovely... I love the richness of Indian clothing, Zaara does an amazing job in getting this magic to us in SL!
Pants: Zaara : Churidar slacks *brown* <-- I love these pants... the texturing around the waist is awesome! when you get some have a sneaky peek & cam in! VERY well done :D
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low <-- of course! are there any other feet?! I just love them to bits... obviously :D

June 26, 2011

It's time to sit down & dream...

Hi everyone!

I made poses, they are great. You should buy them:

Inworld: HERE
Market Place: HERE

For closer look:

Backstory: Siddean Munro wanted sit poses that were good. I made some & named them after her. YAY. I drew the backgrounds. I was deathly ill with faeryflu (rare strain of cold that is actually 10X WORSE than manflu) & decided that was a better idea than searching for locations or backdrops. I like them. So I kept them.



PS: Outfit is by HPMD, Hair is Dura, Skin is Sanu, Feet are SLink.
PPS: I finally updated my market place listings **and** made awesome store banner on Marketplace page *puffs out chest proudly*

May 27, 2011

Spring Days with Studio Sidhe and Oh My Stars!

Hi Everyone!

Today a really fun hunt starts at Oh My Stars! The theme is April Showers bring May Flowers ( which totally works if you're in the Northern Hemisphere... or so I've been told! LOL).

Being an Aussie and from Queensland in particular, we don't really have four seasons, down south they have more variation, but where I am we pretty much just have summer and winter... just a fun fact I'd thought I'd throw in! :D


I made a wearable multipose prop for the event... a hat! :D One thing I do know about living down under is the sun!

The hat has 5 fun poses so you can look all stylish and blissful while you celebrate the season and for only 10L while the hunt is going on.

Because I suck at hunts, and think that some things should just not be painful; I've made the hunt object (a rain drop) rather large and have the pics of the 5 poses leading you to the hunt item... cause I'm nice heehee

There are some amazing stores that I'm sure you'll enjoy as you hunt around the two Oh My Stars! sims... can't wait to see your pics of all the goodies you'll pick up! :D

[SLurl to Studio Sidhe at Oh My Stars!]


May 02, 2011

It's time for a Culture Shock!

Check out who's in our pants already:


If you'd like to join them go

Jeans come in 8 colour choices. 50% of all our jeans sales goes to Médecins Sans Frontières (more commonly known as Doctors Without Borders).


April 16, 2011

Studio Sidhe @ The Little Big Shop Event!!!

This year the The SL Little Big Shop Event is helping The Water Project
. A Brilliant cause who's mission is to bring clean water to over 1 Billion people who currently don't have such an essential resource. They do this one village at a time through building long term sustainable partnerships with the people of the regions in need... BRILLIANT! This is no quick fix solution, they don't just go in and throw a few barrels of water at people for a bit of publicity and then bugger off; they're in there, working with the people to change lives both now and into the future.

It's this cause that also gives this years Little Big Shop Event it's theme...water :)

Our brief was collaborate with another store that we were designated to make two items each, one to be an item with all proceeds going to charity and the other to be for sale at the Little Big Shop Fair.

I worked with a fellow Jewellery maker; Contessa Lacombe of Elemental Jewelry to make a complimentary jewellery set. Contessa made the earrings and necklace and I made the bracelet and the anklets.

All items were to be in keeping with the water theme. We chose the moon as our central design as the moon influences all things water related. We've paired this with a teardrop to symbolise emotions which the moon also influences.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Contessa; she was a pleasure to work with and always had unfailing enthusiasm for our project :) There were a few times where she needed to step out side of her comfort zone and she did it with zeal! I would recommend her to others for collaborations or inclusions in events any day... Great work! :D

I on the other hand was a nightmare to work with I'm sure... I did an excellent impersonation of a decapitated chicken while getting this fair, Fantasy Faire and Pose Fair set up!!! LOL BUT! I think that that also speaks to the caliber of Contessa's professionalism that she could take all of that in her stride and keep going!

You can find our collaborative pieces HERE as well as a whole fair filled with amazing work from old favourites you'll know and new up and coming creators that you'll be introduced too :D



April 01, 2011

Pose Fair 2011!!!... Are you ready?

6 hours to go!

(unless I've royally cocked up the whole time zones thing again...highly likely!)

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to be involved in Pose Fair again this year and have some really special couples poses released for the fair :D

Remember Kate Bush? The amazing song Running Up That Hill?, and the film clip with the spectacularly emotive choreography?

BIG thanks to Tamzin Xigalia for the awesome pics used in the ads :)

You can find these as well as other favourites from Studio Sidhe at this years Pose Fair...



P.S. The pants are Hakama Pants from Trap ;)

March 30, 2011

Thank You :)

In June 2008 I released my Leather Flower Vests and was proudly loitering in my little store in Alpha Centauri ( lets see how many of you remember that store? heehee)store waiting (optimistically) for an influx of people all eager to purchase my lovely new vests... the influx didn't come, but something way better did... or rather, someone; that someone was Achariya Maktou.

Acha had been drawn to my store when she'd seen my post on the feeds and had decided to pop over. I had no idea who Acha was; we'd never met and I always been woefully out of touch with the goings on of life outside of my own faery realm. I had no idea that she was a blogger. We began to chat, and I found an easy rapport sprung up between us, we had a laugh at my total lack of interest in shoes (something I've only recently begun to overcome...thanks Siddean & Jackal!)and spoke about Acha's studies that she was undertaking.

Acha then proceeded to purchase a number of items from store, I think in one fell swoop she'd managed to top my income at that time for a whole week. I was totally amazed and incredibly thrilled by her compliments as she tried on each purchase in the store... in the end wearing a crazy assortment of things that all just seemed to go together... I would later realise that that is a natural skill and trademark of Acha. Acha consistently came up with interesting looks using pieces and designers wares that most people would never dream would work together...and yet, she did it time and again :D

We then got onto the topic of blogs, with Acha saying that she would use some of the things she'd purchased in a post... WOW! I was stoked :D Being slightly left of center in SL and not fitting into any particular subculture or category, you pretty much found getting any sort of press a bit few and far between. A few bloggers would show my things from time to time...but THIS was a blogger who I didn't have to seek out, I didn't have to send a review copy to and hope that they would like my things enough to blog it...this was someone who had sort me out! I was amazed.

Acha later sent me the link to this post HERE.

Achariya Net has since shown many creations from Studio Sidhe and followed the crazy journey that has been my store. I have never forgotten the day that Acha wandered into my little store, and I have always been appreciative of her and her support of my work.

Anyways, I just wanted to share the impact that Acha and her blog have had on me and my store... we've both been enriched by the connection.

Thank you Acha <3

March 07, 2011

A taste of the masculine...

Hi everyone!

Today I'm pleased to announce Studio Sidhe's participation in the first Menswear Monday event! :D

Basically the deal is that for one day only men can choose from a selection of creations and designs from some awesome SL brands at a price that won't make them cry...EVERYTHING there is 100L or UNDER :D

I LOVE this as I have often thought the men of SL do get somewhat forgotten... and I admit that while I have almost always had items for men in store, it's a long time between mens releases... I do however let myself off the hook there somewhat as my store name *is* Studio SIDHE (pronounced SHEE) heehee Even so, Men have for years been requesting I make more mens stuff and so, I've made this pose prop...especially for men...



February 23, 2011

Power Ballad Lighter 69L for Hump Day Happiness TODAY!

Hi Everyone!

Epic moments had during live music events we find are often accompanied by some legend in the audience pulling out their lighter to show just how much it means to them... then other people pull out their lighters and BAM! A whole shared moment of people FEELING THE MUSIC!!!

Can't half tell I've been hitting the live music scene in SL of late hey? haha YES! So many wonderful performances I was fortunate enough to see during the EAHH events to raise funds for Queensland's disaster relief!

So here it is... The Power Ballad Lighter, comes with menu activated animation and chat command to open and light up so you can join the fun :D

Today ONLY it's part of the 69L Hump Day Happiness event so I encourage you to get down to Studio Sidhe and pick up your Power Ballad lighter TODAY.

Big thank you to Ivey Deschanel for posing with me for the ad pic! YOU ROCK! :D (literally, clearly... check out the pic!) haha



February 19, 2011

Limited time group gift at Studio Sidhe!

Hi everyone!

This weekend we're having a little bit of fun with our new release; Pandora's Box... it's a 6 scene scripted pose prop that takes you through Pandora's journey of giving into curiosity and finally... saving hope! It comes complete with particle effects and yes, hope *is* included in the box! :D

Now the really fun bit! For THIS weekend only, it's a group gift! A little thank you to our customers who are are awesomely supportive of our work and for many of them have been our customers for years! :D Thank you!

For those people who aren't already a member of our in world group *gasps* there is a small join fee of 100L and you can join using this link the group page HERE.

You'll find the group gift vendor to the left of the door as you come into the store...just wear your group tag and touch the vendor.

If you can't make it in this weekend, don't stress, Pandora's Box will be for sale on Monday :D

Also! Studio Sidhe Mainstore is in a new temporary location HERE We're have a new sim mate moving in so are in the midst of a little sim reshuffling... we're so excited though and can't wait to announce their opening on Moonsong!

AND! in other news! We've been invited to join the talented crew at Carnivale Marketplace... come check it out, the build is lovely!



P.S. The outfit I used in the Pandora ads is from Caverna Obscura, hair is from Wasabi Pills Skin is from La Sylphide (which sadly closed) and jewellery is from Studio Sidhe (my store LOL):D

February 06, 2011


Beach Party happening RIGHT NOW!!!!

Amazing fun, great line up of awesome DJ's, great music and lots of money to be raised for the Queensland Floods Relief Fund! :D

This event is the work of Stacia Reinoir with the fantastic venue built and provided by Mzdeedee Dagger. Thank you ladies! :D

TP to the event is HERE

If you can't make it to the event but would like to donate money you can do so directly at the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal

Thank you in advance for you help.

February 03, 2011

The Tale of Snow White... version 2!

I am thrilled to be announcing this... some of you might remember the "light" first version of this pose prop from the WILD.Released event last year, or from the UWA Art Challenge recently...

It was after many requests to make a version of this prop that I could sell that I decided to raise the bar (as I am want to do) and challenge myself to make this already unique prop the piece of art that I am releasing officially today, and right in time for Valentines Day!

The set comes with the glass coffin with both the red velvet bedding or a gray tintable bedding, the faery forest backdrop (YES! I did paint that! *puffs out chest proudly*) and light beam with particle effects :D

For more pictures please see the talented work of Rylan Carling Post [1][2][3], Carthalis Rossini and Strawberry Singh.

You can see The Tale of Snow White V2 in world at Studio Sidhe main store or at our new satellite location at Vanity Fayre. If you wish to give this as a gift, please contact Faery Sola to arrange delivery or find it on the Marketplace.



P.S. Big thank you's go out to Ted Cornell for scripting this thing & making what was in my head actually work! and thanks to Tamzin Xigalia for her wonderful work in creating the pics for the ad insets. Thank you!

P.P.S. Call me psychic but have a sneaking suspicion that Snow White gown sales over at Deviance are about to go through the roof! LOL

January 27, 2011

Happy Australia Day :)

Hi Everyone!

Today, the 26th of January, is Australia Day, Today we wear the green and gold, have BBQ's, drink beer and thank the powers that be that we are fortunate to live in the Lucky Country...

And we are lucky, yes it would appear that Australia has been pissed on from a great height, but we have the guts, the determination and the spirit to not just drag ourselves back up but to bounce back and do it laughing... how can we do it you ask? ... cause we're Aussies, it's what we do and it's what the world knows and respects us for.

Australia is also a nation always willing to lend a hand where it's needed, and right now, we're the ones who need a bit of a helping hand:

Australia Day will be one to remember, as B&B’s sets the stage for back-to-back live music every hour of the day from 12:00am on the 26th of January right through to 11:59pm on the 27th. That’s 48 hours of incredible LIVE music!

[SLurl to B&B's Venue]

And here’s the current line-up:

Wednesday 26th January

12AM - Prowess Rayna
1AM - Leeon Fang
2AM - Marky Helstein
3AM - OhMy Kidd
5AM - TerryLynn Melody
6AM - Mar Biddle
7AM - Clairede Dirval
8AM - Quinton Whitman
9AM - Russell Eponym
10AM - Gina Gracemount
11AM - Tommie Scorpio
12PM - Tim Anadyr
1PM - Cailidgh Spires
2PM - Sid Slade
3PM - Richie Woodland
4pm - Zed Essex
5pm - Surreel Skizm
6pm - Bowie Bravin
7pm - FacelessApe Mefusula
8pm - JavaJoe MacIntyre
9pm - JoeSatriani Feden
10pm - Senjata Witt
11pm - Spike Luckstone

Thursday 27th Januray.

12am - RoseDrop Rusty
1am - TBA
2am - Floorboard Stradling
3am - Tpenta Vanlten
4am - TBA
5am - TBA
6am - TBA
7am - boney Mosely
8am - Hazideon Zarco
9am - MommaLuv Skytower
10am - Orangelife Holmer
11am - Sioux Nikolaidis
12pm - Ytzejam
1pm - REALLYMAD Morpork
2pm - LaidBack Celt
3pm - Geos Copperfield
4pm - Caoilte Skytower
5pm - KevinMThomas Carpool
6pm - Kitzie Lane
7pm - Gregg Huet
8pm - Charndon Kass
9pm - Breamer Lowtide
10pm - Artel Brando
11pm - Pippa Exonar

You can also get this t-shirt free at Studio Sidhe as well as ladies & mens friendship bands in red, black and yellow... the colours of the Aborigine flag, indigenous people of our country and traditional owners.

Please enjoy Australia Day, its a day for everyone, not just we blessed few *winks*



January 16, 2011

Couples Poses, Fund Raiser & Pose hunt! :D

Hi all,

I've been sending notices about this, but haven't blogged about it till now... my state, Queensland, where I was born and where I live has been hit with extreme floods. 3/4 of the state has been declared a natural disaster area and that area to give you some idea I've heard the size of the area given as being bigger than Germany and France put together... bigger than Texas. Whatever, it's a lot... a lot of land, a lot of people and whole lot of lives effected by this disaster.

Sanura Sakai, proprietor of Sanu and a fellow Queenslander, has got together a wonderful array of people to raise money for the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. There are a number of awesome events going on that are linked into this and the Extend a Helping Hand Market.

I have made the Daisy Parasol for the event and 100% of the proceeds from those sales is going to the Relief fund. You can also donate through the kiosks you'll find at the market, in the stores of those participating in the market and at a number of other locations around the grid... or you can donate directly through the link above. The support has been overwhelming so far and many more people are joining in to give generously of their creativity, time and money. Thank you!

The 3rd ProPoser Hunt is underway! and Studio Sidhe is of course participating in this great event. The above pic is the couples pose which you can find at #10 on the hunt :D There are some AMAZING poses and pose props on offer in this hunt so I encourage you to participate, you'll see some old favourites and discover some shiny new pose makers in SL! :D

Also! I've just released this couples pose which you can find in our main store HERE.

We're in the process of installing new fun stuff around the store so please ignore the mess as best you can! LOL


January 06, 2011


ZOMG! True!

Haven't been to the Props & Poses Fair yet? AHHH! Go.Now. Okay, finish reading THIS then GO!!!

While you're there pick up this AWESOME toy gun!!! It's only 100L! (special fair price), is animated and has 4 amazing poses to dazzle your mates with!!! As with all other Studio Sidhe sales at the fair 50% is going to the Out of the Shadows program for the Epilepsy Council!!! Gun comes in both copy and a trans version so you can get 10 and hand them out at parties! BRILLIANT IDEA!!!

Okay... now you can go. So get going, why you sitting there? GO! *points*



January 02, 2011

Everyone loves a....

...Pose and Props Fair!!!!

Money raised goes to Out of the Shadows program that is part of the Epilepsy Foundation!

The thing I love about saying that is that that is ALL you really need to say, everyone really does a pose and props fair! SO GO THERE :D I'm just telling you now in case you missed it and you get sad and become all bitter and twisted with life...

ZOMG! YAY! The line up is awesome, and it's a BRILLIANT cause, go check it out HERE.

The line up:

Gnarlic Plimpton
Strictly Runway
The Color Wheel
Hate Me and Eat Me
Morgane Batista's Pose Shop
Cookie Cutter
Just a Pose
Intrigue Co.
Studio Sidhe
nestle my bosom
Body Talking
I <3 Posey
Essential Soul
Del May

In other news! Everyone also loves a photo competition! WOOT!

If you've somehow managed to miss the news on this then catch up HERE. We're starting to get entries in and it's really exciting to see how people are making the dresses their own :D

Also; Sale at Studio Sidhe mainstore ends either today or tomorrow... whenever I find time to get to the vendors! Don't miss out as I will be culling stock after this!

Until next time,


oh! PS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope 2011 is awesome for everyone! :D

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