July 15, 2011

Studio Sidhe @ Mee & My Roo Festivale! :D

Who would have thought that I would have become a breedable anything fan! But Meeroos are just way too cute for words... and a mate of mine game me one, so really couldn't let it die, right?

Well anyways, got way attached, and soon after was invited to be apart of the Mee & My Roo Festivale which is happening THIS WEEKEND!!!!

This set, EPIC grass mat, and 5 granny cushions with a different pose in each one is 200L for the set ... for this weekend only :D

You can however buy the cushions separately if you'd like for 50L each.

You might also notice the awesome shrooms, crystals & ruins in the background... they're from Kari who are also at the festivale so get down their quickly!

Pet roos, shop like there is no tomorrow! :D

Have fun!


Studio Sidhe

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