January 02, 2011

Everyone loves a....

...Pose and Props Fair!!!!

Money raised goes to Out of the Shadows program that is part of the Epilepsy Foundation!

The thing I love about saying that is that that is ALL you really need to say, everyone really does a pose and props fair! SO GO THERE :D I'm just telling you now in case you missed it and you get sad and become all bitter and twisted with life...

ZOMG! YAY! The line up is awesome, and it's a BRILLIANT cause, go check it out HERE.

The line up:

Gnarlic Plimpton
Strictly Runway
The Color Wheel
Hate Me and Eat Me
Morgane Batista's Pose Shop
Cookie Cutter
Just a Pose
Intrigue Co.
Studio Sidhe
nestle my bosom
Body Talking
I <3 Posey
Essential Soul
Del May

In other news! Everyone also loves a photo competition! WOOT!

If you've somehow managed to miss the news on this then catch up HERE. We're starting to get entries in and it's really exciting to see how people are making the dresses their own :D

Also; Sale at Studio Sidhe mainstore ends either today or tomorrow... whenever I find time to get to the vendors! Don't miss out as I will be culling stock after this!

Until next time,


oh! PS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope 2011 is awesome for everyone! :D

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