January 16, 2011

Couples Poses, Fund Raiser & Pose hunt! :D

Hi all,

I've been sending notices about this, but haven't blogged about it till now... my state, Queensland, where I was born and where I live has been hit with extreme floods. 3/4 of the state has been declared a natural disaster area and that area to give you some idea I've heard the size of the area given as being bigger than Germany and France put together... bigger than Texas. Whatever, it's a lot... a lot of land, a lot of people and whole lot of lives effected by this disaster.

Sanura Sakai, proprietor of Sanu and a fellow Queenslander, has got together a wonderful array of people to raise money for the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. There are a number of awesome events going on that are linked into this and the Extend a Helping Hand Market.

I have made the Daisy Parasol for the event and 100% of the proceeds from those sales is going to the Relief fund. You can also donate through the kiosks you'll find at the market, in the stores of those participating in the market and at a number of other locations around the grid... or you can donate directly through the link above. The support has been overwhelming so far and many more people are joining in to give generously of their creativity, time and money. Thank you!

The 3rd ProPoser Hunt is underway! and Studio Sidhe is of course participating in this great event. The above pic is the couples pose which you can find at #10 on the hunt :D There are some AMAZING poses and pose props on offer in this hunt so I encourage you to participate, you'll see some old favourites and discover some shiny new pose makers in SL! :D

Also! I've just released this couples pose which you can find in our main store HERE.

We're in the process of installing new fun stuff around the store so please ignore the mess as best you can! LOL


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