February 23, 2011

Power Ballad Lighter 69L for Hump Day Happiness TODAY!

Hi Everyone!

Epic moments had during live music events we find are often accompanied by some legend in the audience pulling out their lighter to show just how much it means to them... then other people pull out their lighters and BAM! A whole shared moment of people FEELING THE MUSIC!!!

Can't half tell I've been hitting the live music scene in SL of late hey? haha YES! So many wonderful performances I was fortunate enough to see during the EAHH events to raise funds for Queensland's disaster relief!

So here it is... The Power Ballad Lighter, comes with menu activated animation and chat command to open and light up so you can join the fun :D

Today ONLY it's part of the 69L Hump Day Happiness event so I encourage you to get down to Studio Sidhe and pick up your Power Ballad lighter TODAY.

Big thank you to Ivey Deschanel for posing with me for the ad pic! YOU ROCK! :D (literally, clearly... check out the pic!) haha



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