August 29, 2010

Euphoria @ Studio Sidhe


You might recall a jewellery series I started ages ago called the Happy bead collection? I've just gone & found the old blog post to find it's nearly 2 years to the day! LOL spooky. See HERE & HERE.

So it's been AGES, but they've remained favourites in my store and I still like my happy beads so YAY! But almost since the day I released the happy bead collection I've had people asking me to make anklets as well.

Of course me being me, I put it on my "to do list" which pretty much resembles a list of "things to do at some point before I die" LOL But I do generally get around to things... I just have to be inspired to do them!

I HAVE however finally made them! and I've combined all the requests by making Euphoria anklets :D (yup, had to get a happy name in there to go with the theme ;))

I proudly present:

Available at Studio Sidhe

Each pack comes with three different builds to suit SLink prim feet in the styles:

* Jolie Pied Low
* Jolie Pied Medium
* Jolie Pied Tiptoe

Why specifically these feet?

Because they're the ones I wear. Please be aware that if you are wearing them with other prim feet that may use larger invisible prims than the SLink feet the beadwork may be eatten by alpha clash. Please also note that they are not made to go with Pivoting feet.

You can purchase SLink barefeet at either Studio Sidhe mainstore or at SLink.

You can also find the matching necklace, bracelets, navel piercing, earrings, and bead belt to go with your new anklets in store or xstreet.

Until next time take care,



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