September 22, 2008

:+:SS:+: A Taste of Nirvana

This week we bring you an addition to our Happy Bead range, Nirvana Bead Belts feature finely detailed prim work and original glass bead and pewter textures.

Available in world at our Main Store or on SLex and OnRez =D

We hope you enjoy Nirvana :)



Vendor Ad pose: LAP - Temptress
Polaroid pose: 5ifth Order - from the Saving Me collection
Hair: Philotic Energy - PE Wyuna Charcoal
Skin: Flipside - ::FlipSide:: SKINZ - Porcelain Natural Pink w/o beauty spots
Jeans: Pixeldolls - (PixelDolls) Trouble: Jeans, Black Pants
Top: Studio Sidhe - Leather Flower Vest [Black]

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