December 27, 2010

My Turn!

Pull up a chair... now. If you haven't heard already I'll fill you in... there is a little bit of fun going on around the grid... it involves a very special limited edition release from Studio Sidhe.

Limited edition is pretty special right? yup. Lovely stylish and elegant evening dresses, in a variety of 6 colours... each with 3 skirt options and a Caged Lacrimose Pendant to go with, and only 500L... Sound good?



NOW! for the fun part! :D

There are few differences... (BOMBSHELL! it's me after all! LOL)

I've put one of the dresses at a different Studio Sidhe location around the grid! :D AND! cause I'm totally thrilled with this dress, a version of which I made for the Call for Couture event earlier in the year... I thought I'd invite some wonderful bloggers to help me show you these dresses with their own distinct style and flare.

I asked each blogger to feature one colour of the dress, and gave each the location where you can find that particular colour at. Don't worry, it's not a hunt... just click on the links below to see the beautiful work of these amazing ladies & get the location for that dress :D

GREEN - Phire Zhura - Style Genesis
RED - Kika Starbrook - For the Love Of...
PURPLE - Strawberry Singh -
FUCHSIA - Ailinn Grizot - She Blogs
BRONZE - Jenica Landar - Hey Girlfriend
BLACK - Freyja Nemeth - Old Fashioned

I'd like to say thank you to the lovely ladies who put their hands up to be a part of this. You've all been brilliant to work with and I am in awe of your you're beautiful pictures! Everyone... go see their pics, they're awesome! :D


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