January 26, 2009


Last night I was sent an IM by a great mate, Sasy Scarborough and was asked if I was busy. I looked around my workshop at the 5 different projects I'm working on atm and of course responded with "Nope!" LOL & was promptly sent a TP... and off I went!

I arrived at the Pond, everything taking an age to rez, my avatar detector telling me I was surrounded by a bomb of people I couldn't even see a hint of yet, and saw the chat from Winter; "are there any more Skips?" and a "hiya Fae" from Aems... then I started to clue in... took me a while! LOL

The Aussie party was ON!!! I hit my friends list to see my mate Flippa had just logged :( which was a total shame & quickly jumped on Yahoo to grab Ziggy Quirk (seriously one of the most fun people in SL!!!)

We soon left the pond, big drag not being able to rez stuff when you have a bomb of aussie freebie props to have out, and went to Sexy's aussie beach... IT ROCKED!!! Everyone boganed up as much as they could from their inventories... man we where CLASSY!!! But that's the real fun of Aussies, we can laugh at our selves... there was no room for all the BS that so often is rife in SL, we where all just a bunch of Aussies there to celebrate our day; Australia Day, and have a bloody good time... and we did!!!

I want to say thanks to everyone who was there, this was one of those moments that you treasure forever.

So if you see an Aussie around SL today, give em a wave, offer them a beer (they probably already have one, but it'll be an empty soon enough) and join us in celebrating Australia Day!!!

Beauty Ripper, Cobber, Mate, Kangaroos... AUSTRALIA!!!!

*hugs to you all*


PS I just did the group pick up like our post cards found in servos across the country... seemed to fit the yobbo bogan theme ;)

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Sasy Scarborough said...

lmao you are so cute, the postcard look is perfect, it was an awesome night ♥

xox Sasy xox

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