January 14, 2009

Chippy Faery!!!!

In Australia we have a nickname for carpenters... Chippies! And that's what I've been this past week LOL. Yup, I put aside my virtual jewellers pliers & soldering iron and picked up some virtual timber, nails, hammer and stuff :D OMG why! you ask? Because some friends & I have been building a mall(for MONTHS!!! lol) and finally all the shops are being moved into and we're getting set for our grand opening! woot! Will tell you more about the mall LATER, for now though...

We did need some small vendor spaces, and for that we looked for carts to fit with the theme and overall look & feel of the place... and wow did we look! I did find some nice ones, but none really fit the bill, so when you can't find what you want, the best way I have found, is to do it yourself... hence the "Chippy Faery"! :D

As I thought others might be interested in some low prim vendor spaces, I decided to offer them for sale and for a bargain price... especially given that they are Copy/Mod!

You can see one of them rezzed at my main store in world, or you can grab them on Xstreet or Onrez.

Right! now that that's done, I can get back to what I'm good at and throw some nano prims around! It was fun though =D

Until next time, have fun and Enjoy!


PS sorry about the ad pic, it could have been WAY more appealing had a certain blogger who shall remain nameless been available at the time to drape his naked Nutella smeared self over the carts in an artful manner... *shrugs* such is life.

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