January 29, 2009

Psst! wanna hear the latest on Truth Hawks?

okays... you ready for this?

He's having a Hair Sale! *nods* true! I know the news is a TOTAL bombshell!!!

lol Okay, I see you're not floored by this news, what is new though, is that I've been to the sale, gone slightly nuts (haven't we all???) and got a whole bunch of lovely hair! I took them home with me and of course got busy "faerifing" them, cause that's what I do!

The first hair that I've made ornaments for the style Olivia:

You can pick these up at Truths Main Store HERE for the duration of the sale :D

The challenge is to faerify one hair style a week... will see how I go with that >.<



P.S. Faerify is a word (now) XD

Faerify -verb: to take an object or concept and add a particularly faery spin to it.

P.P.S. OMG did you notice? Two posts in two days!!! totally unprecedented for me!!!!

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