January 11, 2009

Happy Thought for 2009 - The SL Residents Appreciation Group

A bit over a week ago a random thought and a question on Plurk inspired a Flickr group... I know, it's ANOTHER Flickr group! But don't groan too loudly till you read the rest!!! This group was created as an opportunity for residents of SL to show their appreciation for an individual/group or anything else that has enriched their SL experience.

Already there are over one hundred members and quite a few images submitted by people wanting to say "thanks" and truly, the whole thing has taken off with a bang! It's lovely to see so many people get on board with something that has no extrinsic reward, is totally positive and is good fun!

To read the back story of how this group came into being click HERE. You'll find links to the original plurk discussion that set the wheels in motion :D

As this group was created with a specific purpose there are of course some rules to keep it on track & help to make it accessible for everyone, don't worry their aren't too many, but please check them out before you add your images! I would like to say a BIG thank you to the three ladies who agreed to help moderate; Stephanie Misfit, Evangeline Miles & Ziggy Quirk. *hugs* you guys rock!

So if this seems like something you would like to be a part of come & join the SL Resident Appreciation Group, spread some joy & possibly make someones day! :D

Thank you everyone who has shown their support of this already, and thank you for reading all of this!



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