April 25, 2008

Playtime @ Studio Sidhe :D

Hi everyone! something a bit different!!!!
I made a SeeSaw...YAY!

The SeeSaw comes in both Transfer... so you can give one to your mates and share the joy OR if you'd like to have a few seesaws around, then the copy version is for you :D

A few interesting things I'd like to share, that went into the making of this seesaw:

1/ This was my very first attempt at making poses *puffs out chest proudly* and done because I couldn't buy full perm seesaw animations anywhere.

2/ My search for a sculptie tree trunk lead me to a new creator Deilia Devin, who is beyond talented and lovely. She made the stump for the seesaw. I highly recommend her and her store, Elemental Forestry.

3/ I really couldn't have done this without a few mates who helped me problem solve a few debacles along the way. *Hugs to Aems, Zig and the Brats*

You can see the SeeSaw in action at our main store.

Until next time, I hope you're having fun and laughing loads! :D

Take care,

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