July 05, 2009

OMG it happened... Yellow Gold @ Studio Sidhe

Hi Everyone!

This week is jewellery with a twist... the twist is a pose (I know you're shocked!)
Check out the pics, the pieces will be familiar to many of you, the silver has just been packed in a collection of things I felt go together nicely and *drum roll* first time ever at Studio Sidhe...

Gold Jewellery! (first time, and quite possibly the last LOL) I made gold versions of all the silver pieces as I had many many many requests for it... so here it is!

This collection comprises:

*A nose chain with fine bell detailing.
* Delicate Filigree Earrings
* Filigree Pendant suspended from leather thong necklace
* Filigree Hand Bracelet - Two pieces connecting the bracelet around the wris to a detailed chain with filigree hand piece fastened on the middle finger - sometimes
called a "slave bracelet".
* Belly Dancing Chain belt with bells - w both a pelvis and stomach option.
* A bonus pose made exclusively to show this jewellery collection.

Available in world at Studio Sidhe or on Xstreet:



In other news;

I've been running down my seemingly never ending to-do list and have made extra layers for the Rough Linen High Top pants that I released... um... a year ago? *coughs* yes, well didn't want to rush into it LOL :P

The extra layers are for the top of the pants so they are now available in shirt and undershirt layers as well as jacket layers. If you have purchased these pants in the past, drop me a notecard with what colours you need and I will drop the additional layers on you :)



Ad Pic Credits:

Hair: PE Keeva - Clinker
Outfit: Total Betty - Bohemian Chic
Skin: LS Poppy Light - Spring Breeze
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ
Feet: SLink BareFeet Flower Child
Pose: Studio Sidhe
Jewellery & Accessories: Studio Sidhe


Isle said...

The pose is a great idea. I have seen quite a few of your pose items lately, and am looking forward to trying them.

That said, I am a jewelery ho, love these sets, and can't wait to see what else you have to offer. I will have to check you out inworld asap.

Faery Sola said...

Thank you so much Isle, that is such lovely feedback :)

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