July 11, 2009

Ready for something a bit different?

Hi Everyone!

Wow, okay, I am sooo excited, I have made my very first model pose "set" *puffs out chest proudly*

I was totally inspired to do this from a look a mate and I put together for a blog post made out of a funky faery outfit from Evie's Closet and some awesome accessories from Flipside (you'll see in the ad pic below!)

These poses are available separately or as a set :D In world or you can get the set on Xstreet HERE.

A couples pose made while thinking of the dynamics of the relationship between sisters... different views will tell the tale of different aspects of this relationship... as seen by me, but you might see something in there for you too...

and courtesy of Evie Miles who posed with me for these pics... a different angle to give you an idea of the different moods this pose set has:

This set is also available in world or on Xstreet HERE.


As many of you know, I am a major fan of Jonny Dusk and his poses at 5ifth Order, and have had a bunch of his pose sets set up around the main store for people to play with for some time. Jonny has recently put vendors up with the poses so you can now purchase the poses for yourself either here or go to his store.

Also, I will be taking down the entry pics on display from the Goddess Moon competition at the end of the weekend, so if you've not been in yet to see them, please do so... they are really something not to be missed!

and just in case you entered the competition and missed my notices, blog post, Koinup & flickr shout-outs... if you haven't received your thank you gift yet, please drop me a notecard! :D

Thanks everyone,



Attitude Model Pose Set Ad Outfit Credits:

Skin: ::FlipSide:: Gothic skin - Halloween
Nose Chain: :+:SS:+: Silver Nose Chain with Bells
Tattoo: ::FlipSide:: Vine Tat
Hair: PE Phebe Black
Armbands: ::FlipSide:: Buckled Bracers - left and right (sb)
Choker:::FlipSide:: Spoilt Bitch Collar - Rusted Metal
Dress/Shoes/Wings Outfit: *EC* Soleil Faery [Pre-Release]
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ

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