August 30, 2009

Hurry! Time *is* running out!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you a nudge if you're sitting their either thinking "hmm I'd like to have a go at that!" or "oh yeah, got the staffs, I REALLY have to get around to doing my pics for that!"... there is less than one week to go!!!

For details or to get the sorcerers staff you can go to Studio Sidhe main store.

Here are the full details and conditions of the competition:

The Sorcerers Photographic Competition is brought to you by Studio Sidhe.

Conditions of Entry:

* You must purchase & feature the :+:SS:+: Sorcerer Staff Multi Pose prop in your picture using at least one of the poses in the pose prop.
*** Use of the demo sorcerers staff will not be accepted***

* You must be a member of either the Studio Sidhe in world update group or the subscriber group.

* Entrants are limited to a maximum of two entries. Only one picture from any one resident can win a place (i.e. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize).

* By entering this competition you agree to your pictures being used in future by Studio Sidhe for any promotional purposes and to the picture/s being on display in world after the competition.

* Pictures must have full permissions and be delivered in a notecard with "Sorcerers Photo Comp Entry - [Category]: [YOUR NAME HERE]" as the name of the notecard. The notecard will then be submitted to the mailbox at Studio Sidhe Main store. ***Entries Submitted directly to Faery Sola will NOT be accepted***

* The last entries will be collected at Midnight SLT time on the 4th of September, 2009.

*** There are TWO categories, but you may enter only one of them, so choose carefully:

** Category 1: Photographic.

This category is for those who do not wish to or do not use image editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp or Paintshop etc. This category is there for restricted to those who rely solely on in world lighting, set, costume, shot perspective etc.

You may however crop your picture but that is the extent of any photo manipulation. Those entering this category who are found to have not kept by these simple and clear guide lines will be disqualified.

Photographic Category Prizes:

1st Prize: L$10, 000 Cash.
2nd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$1000
3rd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$500

** Category 2: Post Processing.

This category is for those who wish to use such image editing software as Gimp, Photoshop or Paintshop etc. Basically the rules here are "if we can still make out the staff and the pose, you're good to go." Although of course, less can be more.

Post Processing Category Prizes:

1st Prize: L$10, 000 Cash.
2nd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$1000
3rd Prize: Studio Sidhe Store Card Valued at L$500

****The Judges decision is final, please keep it friendly and support your fellow artists... please no "John McEnroe" like tantrums in any public forums such as plurk, blogs, etc. Such behaviour lacks decorum & takes some of the shiny off the fun for everyone...But also; you won't be accepted into any future photo competitions by this store.

**** Winners will be notified.

**** HAVE FUN!!!! :D


~Faery Sola~

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