December 20, 2009

Christmas @ Studio Sidhe

Hi everyone,

Yup, not long now till Christmas... actually started my RL pressie shopping today, which is so not like me to be so organised! Go me!

I've had a very busy week in SL, lots and lots and lots of fun, and what do I find the most enjoyable pastime in sl to be? Why creating of course! My newest releases have been added to the Lucky Dip which is still just 40L a go.

First up, a fun little pose prop:

Also available also on Xstreet or at Winterstock

Next up a tinsel choker with Bells... very festive and best bit... this is sl; you won't get itchy ;) Also available also on Xstreet or at Winterstock

And the releases from earlier in the week can also be found in store or on Xstreet. The pose set is split into two prizes, so each of the pose set prizes has 4 poses in it. The snowflake beaded choker is also available at Xstreet.

And of course the Snow globe - Snowman building pose prop which is still on sale at Winterstock.

PLUS one of the favourite things I've ever made... the unicycle aaaaaaaaand a leather flower vest in festive colours :D

Hurry in to Studio Sidhe and get your fun stuff for Christmas sorted!



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