November 12, 2009

To Write Love on Her Arms - From the heart

Newdoll Nikolaidis passed me the most precious box this evening... Three creators had made these tattoos, a glorious & touching way to bring awareness to the tragedy of depression, self harm, addiction...

for full story of what "To Write Love On Her Arms" is... see this

The three creators who made these tattoos being distributed around the grid to people who wish to show their support of this powerful and much needed message are:

Allison Widdershins
Deviate Destiny
Nefer Avro

I work with young people, I am a teacher, I have bathed the blood, I have dressed the wounds, I have been the ear for students who felt so out of control of the pain in their lives, so overwhelmed by everything they were feeling, that they have told me they just wanted *something* to focus on, something that they could be in control of, even if it caused them harm. I have wept for these young people, & I have railed at a world that should protect young people from life experiences that drive them to this... It is for these reasons, that I support such a worthy cause.

If I could arm people going through any or all of these things, it would be with the ability to get their arms around who they are, and be able to truly love who they are ... from the heart.

I've passed the pose I made for this pic, & another one for larger framed avi's to be added to the pack being circulated.



Pic Credits:

Tattoos:Love Tats Shirt Layer by Nefer Avro, Love Tattoos by Deviate Destiny
Pose:From the Heart - Studio Sidhe
Pants::::Sn@tch Twisted Circus Pants (Orange):::
Jewellery:Illusions - *~*Cord Wraps: Small/Copy
Hair:Fusemelon - *FM* City Life Cinnamon
Skin:La Sylphide Skins - LS Katie Tan - Mocha
Eyes:-SbZ- EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright


justagirlinthevirtualworld said...

great work & very touching words!
<3 Newdoll

Faery Sola said...

Thanks so much for passing this my way *hugs*

Deviate Destiny said...

Thanks for wearing my tattoo for a good cause and glad you like it!

Just a wee remark that my name is misspelt in credits :)

Faery Sola said...

Thanks for making such a great statement with your tattoo Deviate!

I do apologise for misspelling your name in the credits, It's been fixed :)

Studio Sidhe

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