November 01, 2009


Hi all,

In keeping with my new tradition of blogging the things on the grid that I love, so I can share it with the masses... here is my weekly post :)

Check out these poses! Cool ha? Totally kick arse? hell yes! These are the work of the posing genius Jonny Dusk of 5ifth Order.

As a fellow content creator I think it's important to recognise the people on the grid who's work just shines. For me as a pose maker, I can say with absolute sincerity that Jonny's work is just that. His work is brilliant. His ability to capture and convey emotion, action, and story in just one still moment is surpassed by none.

If you don't know the work of Jonny Dusk, and have never been to 5ifth Order, I urge you to do so. Jonny is the poser that I want to be when I grow up! :D

The rest of the outfit I put together from Exile, Illusions, SLink and La Sylphide. For full outfit & pose credits scroll down)

In other news! Remember that gorgious outfit that Evie Miles of Evie's Closet released earlier this month... name Faery (after me, just in case you missed that ;D)? Well, Amyla Wakowski of the Hidey Spot has made some lovely skins to go with that (ALSO name after moi!)

So as Name Stuff after Faery Month, *coughs* I mean OCTOBER, draws to a close (well for northern hemisphere folks in any case) I leave you with the pic below of me; Faery, wearing Faery and Faery LOL

Take care, and until next time...




Poses: 5ifth Order 5ifth ~ZHAO AO~ SwordFemme 01 - HUD - Go now and get these... also you need the Saving me pose sets and the Photograph set, and the Grief pose prop & the Payne & Despair sets... okay, will stop now, but you have some things to put on your shopping list now :)

Outfit Illusions *~*Hedera Complete Silks Set... OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Get it if you don't have it already.

Hair: Exile Savage brownsugar... one word for this and that is AWESOME! You'll need to go to the boys section though to find it... obviously it works for girls, cause well, how hot is my avi in it, seriously?

Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Flat Bare Fin... best bare feet in SL in my opinion, a must have.

Ears/Earrings: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears... oh look! something I had a hand in, these are the kick ears, & the earrings just add something (I think)... get them :D

Skin: La Sylphide - Katie - Tan... if your reading this and going "OMG I meant to get those skins when I read the last faery post!" you are going to get my mood face... go there now!

Wings: Fancy Fairy Tendril Wings in Fleur... You can NEVER have too many wings, these are spectacular, obviously... go get them :D

Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ... lovely, that is all.

Sword: Faery size "Highlander" Bastard Sword (build by Karl Greenstein, textures by Faery Sola)

Location: Night/80/116/25 ... awesome place, haven for the glowtards in sl like me! :D Hey, I'm a glow addict and I'm PROUD!

Last Pic Credits:

Outfit and Wings: Faery By Evie's Closet in Blue

Skin: Starlight September [Faery] in Ciel available at the Hidey Spot.
>> OBVIOUSLY both these items are a must have!

Hair: * 0 Style * Yuuya *(Swedish Blond)_M ... Tinted blue with glow :D heehee
Location: My Garden, Moonsong.


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Awesome styling and poses for that outfit. I love the photos.

Faery Sola said...

Thanks Caj! I'm certainly having some fun :D

Jonny Dusk said...

Thank you kindly Ms. Faery :) Pictures came out beautifully! And Dog appreciates the shameless plugs as well, try do do it for you guys, and gals. :)

Faery Sola said...

:D anytime Jonny, you know how much I love your work. *hugs*

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