November 18, 2007

Our Main Store Has Moved!!!

We have a MUCH bigger store that we've just built at Alpha Centauri... it was a bit sad to leave Stradtrand, I think being the first land we bought, you kind of get attached. But it was time to move on and scratching for prims has a way of forcing the issue LOL.

I really like our new location, it's by the ocean and has a great airy feel to it... everyone that has dropped by while building and moving was going on has commented on that, so I'm happy :)

Studio Sidhe has some room to grow here, and it's when I contemplate just how far we've come, I am very proud to say "yup! that's me, 'THE Sidhe'" =D

I had originally planned a great event to mark the opening this weekend, but due to a number of factors that has had to be postponed until next weekend. I'll let you know the all the details sooner to the big day!

Until then, thanks to everyone who has supported :+:SS:+:

take care,



Wednesday Soon said...

i am so proud of you!!!

Faery Sola said...

awww, Thanks Weds!!! *hugs you* <3 XD

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