January 15, 2010

Big things this week @ Studio Sidhe :D

Hi Everyone!

I have a couple of things to tell you about today!

First up! Shoes and Accessories Hunt!!! :D This is set to be BIG! I had a look through the participant list and I was all wow, so going to be doing this myself! LOL and yes you may even be treated to another one of my oh so stylish fashionista hunt reviews!LOL (watch this space!)

A bit about my offering for the hunt... this is officially my very first handbag, and yes, BOMBSHELL that it's a hippie bag! *picks you up off the floor* and is unisex. It has a resize script, so you can get it to fit you :D It's also called Sunbury... fun fact: You know that little concert America had outside Woodstock in NY state in 1969? Yeah well Australia (land from whence I come), had it's very own music festival, but annually, 'cause we just have way too many great bands to fit into one weekend! *ducks and runs* (I just cant help but stir heehee). Okay, it was an annual event that lasted three years, but GO US!!!

In other news!

OMG! seriously, there are no words for just how EPIC a saga this special edition texture change music box was to bring into reality. I sooo wanted to have this ready and out with the single texture boxes, but it looked nearly to be an impossible task which I had all but given up on until a lovely man by the name of Ted Cornell came along and offered his help.

Thanks to Ted this special edition of the music box is texture change, so you can choose between all 7 designs, and still has the animated box feature which rocks and has 9 beautiful ballerina poses for you to choose from a menu :D It's a very detailed pose prop and I am quietly confident that there is nothing like this on the grid, because no one else would be as crazy as me to even attempt this! LOL

But because this box looked likely to never happen the way I had envisioned, but is miraculously here... I'm offering it for the special price of $500L until the 14th of February (after that you will have to basically give me your first born in order to get one) so I do recommend that you get in and get yours before V-day ;)

You can get them at Studio Sidhe in world or on Xstreet if you wish to purchase it for a friend :)

Until next time,



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