December 15, 2007

Christmas @ Studio Sidhe!!!

Merry nearly christmas everyone!

Okays, first things first... Today we released our embroidered flower jacket in a limited edition christmas colour set. AND it's 2 for the price of 1!!! So you get the Green with Red and the Red with Green trim plus the sleeve fillers for $150L plus sleeve fillers to go with. This special is only available until christmas day and only from our main store.

I've also been decorating my mains store, and decided that my tree looked a bit naked! >.< so I've made some gift boxes to go underneath =D ... they have store cards in each, but at a 20% discount, from now until christmas day.

I've just finished my sl christmas shopping and had set myself the task of getting all my friends stuff from shops other than my own! *rubs sore shopped-out feet* and I have to say by the end of it, I was walking into stores, seeing items that where no trans (which is cool, most of my items aren't either), I immediately looked for a store card or a gift certificate... if I couldn't find either, I just TP'd out... which is a shame, cause there is just sooo much cool stuff out there!!! (sl is bursting at the seams with talented people I swear!)

Anyway, enough about my shopping; except to say it made me resolved to make life easy for other shoppers... and so the gift wrapped store cards came into being... the boxes themselves are mod/trans so you can resize, retint, do whatever to jazz them up for your friends :)

the store card prices:
$1000L is $800L
$500L is $400L
$300L is $240L
$100L is $80L

You'll find the gift boxes under the tree in my mainstore at Alpha Centauri, please note that the store cards in the normal storecard vendor are not on sale, only the ones in the gift boxes =D

I hope that makes your shopping adventure a bit easier,
Have fun, and have a great christmas both in your SL and RL.


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