January 19, 2008

Studio Sidhe has a Shiny New Look!

I know! what is this... look No.256 for Studio Sidhe??? No I'm not THAT bad... but this is it, the one... I finally reached a point where I had the tools (yay for PS and graphics tablet!), the land AND the prims to do exactly what I wanted!!! *happy dance*

I do want to say thank you to a few people because, lets face it... very little of what we do in SL is on our own :o) I have included links to everyones stores for ease of reference should you be looking for similar services or products or just because they have stores and that's where you can find them LOL :o)


Textures: interior and exterior walls from LFox with some PS editing and viney magic done by me ;)
Landscaping: Trees, ground cover etc from Botanical and Jenika Connolly of Freak Boutique who turned her ultra-talented hand to landscaping for me and totally added the finishing touches...Thanks Jen! XD
Garden Furniture: from PixelDolls. Is there anything that Nephilaine Protagonist can't do??? She's brilliant!
Technical Advice on scripts and build: Kamian Trescothick of Aristocrat Homes A good mate who offered to build the shop for me at the outset, then when I was resolute that I would do it, was there to help me problem solve and offer handy hints... even though he was incredibly busy building stores for two other designers! :D
Door Scripts: Paskis' [Door Scripts ] An incredibly easy to use set of scripts, great instructions and demo's!
Moral support and encouragement: Wednesday Soon of Woo's!*hugs*
AND last but not least my fellow Designers in Seclusion, an awesome group of wonderfully helpful, supportive and talented people.... *giggles at door saga*... when you stop by the store; please take a moment to admire the doors! LOL they where a trial and a half =D

Anyways, come over and have a look, sit and chill in the garden and enjoy!
Take care,



Wednesday said...

It looks SO good! You're awesome :)

Have I mentioned that i am incredibly proud of you? <3

Faery Sola said...

XD Awwww, Thanks Weds! My little store is a standing point of "with a little help from my friends" love ya Weds *hugs*

zai said...

Thizz iz meeee wizz fizzz!!!!

Awesome shop btw. :-)

Kerda said...

Great work.

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