January 20, 2008

New Releases - Out with the Old; In with the New!

This top was part of a larger collection, but is now being sold on it's own...I've had many requests to do this, and finally, it's done :o) The Butterfly is one of my RL paintings brought to life in SL...wear your art! and is available at Studio Sidhe [Main Store] - Look for top pic on the vendor. The second pic is of the hand painted scarf that I have included as a little bonus. The top is in both underwear and shirt layers, and the scarf is in shirt and jacket layers...enjoy! Now for the NEW!...

These uni-sex Astrology T-Shirts are a remake of my old ones (that will be retired in-world at the end of the month). Your probably wondering why I remade them, and the answer is simple...they where one of the first things I made in SL and used the generous Robin (Sojourner) Wood tutorial and template to do it :o) Since then I have learned so much and wanted to apply some of what I've learned to my older stuff (there is nothing written that says we can't revisit and improve! *grins*)

I hope you enjoy these little offerings, until next time...

Take care and have fun!


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