January 31, 2008

Happy LATE Australia Day!!! Koala mayhem here at Studio Sidhe!

This gorgeous little guy is my new release! I was inspired to make him on Australia Day... which meant of course that I missed releasing him for Australia Day LOL

He IS proudly made in Australia though *winks*

You can get him either in world at my main store or on OnRez or Slex.

Below is a few pics that people sent in and a pic of my store after I announced the release! It was so cute... like a Koala day care center of something LOL everyone standing around chatting with their new little bundles of joy =D

If you would like to send me your pics, please do and I will attach them to this post :o) Also if you search Flickr you'll find a pic or two... people have been sending me links. I just think it's lovely that people are finding such joy in this little koala... thanks everyone!



P.S. Here are a couple more pics people have sent in : (Thanks Molly and Ryan :D).

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