October 14, 2008

More Halloween Goodies from Studio Sidhe

New this week, some cobwebs and spiders for the ladies! In beaten silver (the best kind of spiders ;D LOL).

And just to bring anyone up to speed who missed it... last week we bought you some lovely Halloween hair sticks....

The Halloween Lucky Pumpkin Hunt continues also, and will do so until the 31st of October... so stop by and see if you can grab a pumpkin with the first letter of your name on it and win a $100L store card... the pumpkins fall literally ALL over the store! so go hunting =D

Our Halloween range is available in world at our Main Store and on OnRez and Slexchange

Until next time, have a great time...




Hair Sticks, choker & bangle: Studio Sidhe
Outfit, Skin & Choker: Flipside: ::FlipSide:: Gothic skin - Halloween, ::FlipSide:: Dark Seductress - Halloween Special
Hair: Philotic Energy (of course!): PE Orana Jet Black Red Tipped

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