October 24, 2008

:+:SS:+: Friendship Bracelets at Studio Sidhe!

Surfs up!!!

New this week at Studio Sidhe, we have some fun and bright friendship bracelets for both the ladies and the men!

Don't know about you, but I made a gazillion of these growing up, I had a safety pin almost constantly attached to bunch of brightly coloured threads knotting these little gems up!

Now I'm a *cough* grown up, I've found myself making them again, only this time in photoshop... yup! this is another of my own painstaking textures... I get to say painstaking cause I placed each individual knot on the base texture! LOL

To help make things easier, these bracelets are of course mod/copy and I've put two different sizes in, so try each to see which suits better and mod from there :D

Available in world at our Main Store or OnRez and on Xstreet

Thanks Everyone, I hope you enjoy!



Clothes: Reaction Wear & Reaction Girl
Hair: Philotic Energy - PE Mani Black & PE Indy Golden Brown White Tipped

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Hot Rockstar said...

Aw so nice!!!


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