November 27, 2008

:+:Studio Sidhe:+: rant, ramble and update

Last night I released my new bone & silver engraved jewellery sets, all very exciting... I always get excited when I make something that just works :) Especially atm as my RL work is beyond crazy and full on... so to come home, make a coffee and place a couple of hundred prim beads is kinda therapeutic LOL

Anyways, I sent out note cards to my update group, and Fashion Trend... FashCon notice to come... and was all *happy dance*

Then today at work I found a minute to check my sl email account, to find a couple of offliners, which at the time I was thinking "hmm, random". Saying that they (the sender) had visited my store after receiving the notice only they couldn't actually find my new releases!

For those of you reading this who have sl businesses, you'll get that it's not unusual to receive some very interesting IM's, and in my case, for those of you who have not visited my store (/me wonders who YOU are! LOL), my store is actually ruins, with vendors hung in trees. So yeah I get a few VERY interesting IM's I guess cause my store isn't a conventional build LOL. But generally people like it, in any case I love it, so all good.

Didn't think too much of it, and figured I would just reply to the person when I got home and give them directions...all sorted. But then I got home, logged in, to find that the sim had at some point after I put the new releases out had been reset... no new funky bone jewellery in site... the offliners began to make horrible sense =/

The piccy above I did after sorting out the debacle, I think it captures just how I was feeling at the time *shrugs*

If you've read down this far, your probably wondering what the point of the ramble is... LOL fair enough! It's to tell you that the vendors ARE back up at the Main Store AND I've since listed everything on Xstreet AND OnRez... Back up is always good!

okay, I'm done with my rant/ramble/update... until next time!

Have fun!


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