December 07, 2008

:+:SS:+: Belly Dancing Chain Belt

This weeks release is small one... well it's one piece; a belt. When you see it, you'll understand that it's far from small... LOL it was a lot of work! :) LOL I'm hoping you feel like I do that it was well worth it!

This piece was inspired by fond memories of middle eastern dance classes I took for a couple of years... it was huge fun! It was one of those things I did purely because it was fun; I am the most uncoordinated person alive (I can trip over my own feet whilst standing's a talent I know! haha) and my dance instructor who was a lovely lady, used to call me the "walking talking toothpick", those of you that know me may well have heard me refer to myself as such... that's where it came from! =D

But the classes where a prime example of not worrying whether or not your good at something, it was about having a go and having fun! To me that's what SL should be all about... people using this platform as an opportunity to step out and give stuff a go... you may fall flat on your face... but you may also have fun! :D

I hope you enjoy this chain belt, it was a pleasure to make, I'm really happy with the results,

The belt is available in world at our mainstore or on OnRez or Xstreet

Until next time take care, and have fun!



As Credits:

Hair: Philotic Energy - PE Zoey Charcoal Red Tipped
Outfit:Pixeldolls - (PD) Bonney Dress: Citron
Belt: Studio Sidhe - :+:SS:+: Belly Dancing Chain Belt

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