December 14, 2008

Christmas @ Studio Sidhe

Hi Everyone,

I put up my RL Christmas tree the other day and decided that I should dig out my virtual one from my inventory... It's soooooooo much less hassle and mess to set up pixels trees isn't it? LOL

I've put some gift boxes under the tree which contain store cards at a discounted price that is sure to make Christmas gift choosing and buying somewhat less painful... that is of course if your like me and tend to lack time, just can't think what your mates DON'T have yet yada yada. For me store cards are a god send!

The discount is set at 20% off (please purchase the gift boxed cards under the tree as the ones in the store card vendor are not set to a discounted price!. You can choose between:

$1000L Store Card for $800L
$500L Store Card for $400L
$300L Store Card for $240L
$100L Store Card for $80L

The Christmas gift boxed store cards are only available at our main store in world, and will be out until Christmas!

See you there,



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