May 02, 2009

The Silver Lake Project

Hullo. I am here on Faery's blog to let you know about some exciting plans in the works for my sim, Silver Lake, as well as my store the not particularly famous Ziggy's Quirks. Silver Lake has been around for three years now, and it's time for a full overhaul. Not to mention Ziggy's Quirks which has been bopping around for nigh on 5 years in one form or another. It's time to polish up the bears and add some new funnifications to the SL world. And yes, make the store bigger better and more.. more!

With Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Fine Clothing moving on to bigger and better things, the time is right to create a new and frankly tinglemaking place for you to explore, hang out and shop. Unique boutique stores will be available for rent, so keep your pretty eyes peeled for that if you're in the market for some super awesome rentals, and who isn't?

Much of the planning is only living in the head of me at the moment, but a grand opening will be announced soon, which is terribly exciting!

I hope you'll join me on this fun path we're bouncing down! Too many exclamation points!


Faery Sola said...

Hooray! can't wait!!! I have my hardhat, tool belt & building wings at the ready!!!!

BTW LOVE the sign heehee... can you make me one please? XD


Will said...

most excellent- five "woots"!

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