February 14, 2009

Australia: The Lucky Country

Okay, so lucky atm Australia may not seem, with vicious floods destroying thousands of hectares of farmland, homes, & businesses and cutting off whole communities in central and northern Queensland. While at the same time the worst natural disaster our country has ever seen in the bushfires still destroying tracts of bushland, homes, families and loved ones in Victoria. The death toll currently stands at 181 people, the number of homes lost is in the thousands, and still it goes on.

So why are we so lucky you ask? We've got mates! and we see this very strongly in the awesome response of the SL community! It's really heartening to see so many people get behind this. The latest update on funds raised SO FAR is: $5,936.78 AUD!!! are you floored? I am! Keep up the good work!!!! :D

I've finally had a chance to go shopping for some absolutely fabulous items made some of the most talented & generous creators in SL!!! the selection shown in the pics is by no means all of them, in fact it's a fraction of them... I need to do more shopping! But I wanted to show off some of the things my friends Flippa Stella & Ziggy Quirk have gotten already!

All the proceeds from the items shown above [also see list below] are going to the Red Cross Victoria Bushfire Relief Fund.

For a list of who's participating in this fund raising effort and to get the URLs for the stores that stock the items listed below, go to Dakota Bucks Blog.

Sable Rose - Victoria Phoenix Necklace
PopFuzz - Australian Flag Dress
:+:SS:+: Victoria Bushfire Relief Scarf
Essentia Teal and Red Lotuses (B)
>TRUTHblacks 1<
xoxSasyxox - Cafe Set with Cupcake Giver (B)
Large Koala Snuggle Bear - Bushfire relief fund 2009
Philotic Energy - Pyxis
:+:SS:+: Anti-Valentine Candy Heart Pendant [ladies]

NOW! the second part of this post:

At 7pm Sunday 15th of February, 2009, I will be one of the many people being put up for auction! *gulp* It's true! The proceeds from the auction will be going to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Appeal as well, the Date for Down Under will be held at the Seven Ultra Lounge. A big thank you to Winter Jefferson for organising this event!!!

We hope to see you there,


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