February 11, 2009

Truth Hair No. 4 Faerified for the Victoria Bushfire Relief Fund

Hi everyone,

As I write this the official death toll in Victoria has reached 181 people... the fires are not over.

The latest figure I have for the amount of money raised in SL to help the survivors rebuild their lives and communities is in the"first 48 hours: 626,000 Lindens, and 2,600.00 USD = 3,962.93 AUD" (Autumn Hykova). An amazing effort so far! but I ask you to not let the momentum slide; this is the worst natural disaster in Australia's history.

What makes this worse (hard to believe it could be worse right?) this is not the only natural disaster going on in Australia right now; whole communities in Northern Queensland have been flooded a couple of times in five days & are expecting another deluge at the end of this week... people there have lost everything, but their lives, and yet these people are donating to the Victorian relief effort! So please consider when you see the footage and hear the news of the horrific magnitude of the Victorian bushfires; Australia's resources where already being stretched by efforts to assist the communities in Northern Queensland...

We still need your help.

I have just finished my latest contribution to the cause is a scarf to go with Truths beautiful hair made specifically to assist the Victorian Bushfire Relief fund. The texture used to make this scarf has it's own story relevant to what is happening in Victoria right now, to read the story behind it follow this [link]. When I saw Truths Victoria hair, I knew straight away that this would be perfect for a scarf to go with the hair.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of the scarves are of course going to the Red Cross Victoria Relief Fund. You can get it at Truths Store [HERE]

Thank you for your continuing support,



ZiggyTQuirk said...

ROCKING! You do Faerify so pretty.

Faery Sola said...

aww thanks Zig! hopefully everyone thinks so and runs off to buy one!!! More moneys for the Bushfire relief fund...WOOOOOOOT!!!!! :D

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