February 18, 2009

:+:SS:+: Flower Bangles: A complement to Evie's Closet's "Aventine"

Okay, so you might have heard... I was recently put on the auction block to raise money at the Date for Down Under Auction to raise money for the Red Cross Victorian Bush Fire Appeal... so of course I had to find a FLASH outfit, which I found at Evie's Closet... a beautiful dress called "Aventine" ... but I had nothing to wear with it! so I came up with a bangle to match the lovely gown I was wearing... Evie liked it so much she sent me the rest of the colours to make matching bangles for those as well!

A special thank you to Evie for helping me get decked out so wonderfully for the auction... sadly because of extreme I wasn't able to showcase the beautiful skirt and sleeves, people had to make do admiring the quality glitch pants and top! nor sadly, could I show off my bangle LOL oh well (such is the way of these events!). Anyways, a great time was had by all and a whole lot of money got raised for the Victorian Bush Fire Relief appeal! Great work everyone!!!! :D

You can wear this outfit (in full) by purchasing the lovely Aventine dress from Evie's Closet (btw, I am only showing ONE version of the dress, each pack comes with TWO versions... how good is that???!) and you can also find the bangles at Evie's Closet, Studio Sidhe Main Store OR on Xstreet.




Hair: Zero Designs - * 0 Style * Yuuya *(Swedish Blond)_M
Wings: Chaospire - Chaospire - "Moonlace" Flexible Faery Wings
Pose: Long Awkward Pose - [LAP] Secret Admirer
Dress: Evie's Closet - *EC* Aventine Yellow/Green Gown

February 15, 2009

Going Under the Hammer for The Red Cross Victoria Bush Fire Relief Appeal!!!

In less than a day The Date for Down Under will be kicking off...and you will have an opportunity to bid in this charity auction... the prize? a 2 Hour date with one of the many people going under the hammer, including me! LOL

All the money raised from this event goes to the Red Cross Victoria Bush Fire Appeal, it's a worthy cause AND you get to have a whole lot of fun!!!

So please join us at 7pm, Sunday, 15th of February at the Seven Ultra Lounge for one HUGE party! :D

For more details as the Date for Down Under gets closer, keep your eye on Winter Jefferson's blog, In Cold Blood.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support of this massive effort.

Look forward to seeing you there!



P.S. SOMEONE who shall remain nameless has said that 20L should cover my bid *glares* ... (you know who you are!) So please, come along and prove him wrong! LOL


Lingerie: 1-800-Bettie: Bettie's Corset Set (Tintable). OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set!

Hair: >TRUTH< Victoria - Smokey [100% of proceeds go to the Vic Bushfire Appeal... if you don't have it, quick, go, run!!!]

Scarf: :+:SS:+: Victoria Bushfire Relief Scarf [100% if proceeds go to the Vic Bushfire Appeal... you're still reading? go get them!!!!]

Necklace: Sable Rose - Victoria Phoenix Necklace [100% of proceeds go to the Vic Bushfire Appeal... if your still reading, I'm assuming that's cause you've been GOOD and have already gotten the Truth Hair & my scarf, right? ~.^... now go get the necklace! it's beautiful!!!! ]

Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Jade - Glitter)

Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) - SbZ

Pose: *D* Boudoir Rouge - Lay me - Temptation

February 14, 2009

Australia: The Lucky Country

Okay, so lucky atm Australia may not seem, with vicious floods destroying thousands of hectares of farmland, homes, & businesses and cutting off whole communities in central and northern Queensland. While at the same time the worst natural disaster our country has ever seen in the bushfires still destroying tracts of bushland, homes, families and loved ones in Victoria. The death toll currently stands at 181 people, the number of homes lost is in the thousands, and still it goes on.

So why are we so lucky you ask? We've got mates! and we see this very strongly in the awesome response of the SL community! It's really heartening to see so many people get behind this. The latest update on funds raised SO FAR is: $5,936.78 AUD!!! are you floored? I am! Keep up the good work!!!! :D

I've finally had a chance to go shopping for some absolutely fabulous items made some of the most talented & generous creators in SL!!! the selection shown in the pics is by no means all of them, in fact it's a fraction of them... I need to do more shopping! But I wanted to show off some of the things my friends Flippa Stella & Ziggy Quirk have gotten already!

All the proceeds from the items shown above [also see list below] are going to the Red Cross Victoria Bushfire Relief Fund.

For a list of who's participating in this fund raising effort and to get the URLs for the stores that stock the items listed below, go to Dakota Bucks Blog.

Sable Rose - Victoria Phoenix Necklace
PopFuzz - Australian Flag Dress
:+:SS:+: Victoria Bushfire Relief Scarf
Essentia Teal and Red Lotuses (B)
>TRUTHblacks 1<
xoxSasyxox - Cafe Set with Cupcake Giver (B)
Large Koala Snuggle Bear - Bushfire relief fund 2009
Philotic Energy - Pyxis
:+:SS:+: Anti-Valentine Candy Heart Pendant [ladies]

NOW! the second part of this post:

At 7pm Sunday 15th of February, 2009, I will be one of the many people being put up for auction! *gulp* It's true! The proceeds from the auction will be going to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Appeal as well, the Date for Down Under will be held at the Seven Ultra Lounge. A big thank you to Winter Jefferson for organising this event!!!

We hope to see you there,


February 11, 2009

Truth Hair No. 4 Faerified for the Victoria Bushfire Relief Fund

Hi everyone,

As I write this the official death toll in Victoria has reached 181 people... the fires are not over.

The latest figure I have for the amount of money raised in SL to help the survivors rebuild their lives and communities is in the"first 48 hours: 626,000 Lindens, and 2,600.00 USD = 3,962.93 AUD" (Autumn Hykova). An amazing effort so far! but I ask you to not let the momentum slide; this is the worst natural disaster in Australia's history.

What makes this worse (hard to believe it could be worse right?) this is not the only natural disaster going on in Australia right now; whole communities in Northern Queensland have been flooded a couple of times in five days & are expecting another deluge at the end of this week... people there have lost everything, but their lives, and yet these people are donating to the Victorian relief effort! So please consider when you see the footage and hear the news of the horrific magnitude of the Victorian bushfires; Australia's resources where already being stretched by efforts to assist the communities in Northern Queensland...

We still need your help.

I have just finished my latest contribution to the cause is a scarf to go with Truths beautiful hair made specifically to assist the Victorian Bushfire Relief fund. The texture used to make this scarf has it's own story relevant to what is happening in Victoria right now, to read the story behind it follow this [link]. When I saw Truths Victoria hair, I knew straight away that this would be perfect for a scarf to go with the hair.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of the scarves are of course going to the Red Cross Victoria Relief Fund. You can get it at Truths Store [HERE]

Thank you for your continuing support,


February 09, 2009

PLEASE help...

For those of you that don't know, I'm an Aussie... How you could have missed that, I'm not quite sure, cause I'm proud to be Australian, one of the things that makes me so proud is that when we see people in trouble, in need of a hand, we help them out. It doesn't matter where they're from, if we know them or not, or even if we have some personal connection to them... That's what we're known for, that we care.

Now we're asking you to help out the poor bastards in Victoria, you've probably seen it by now, there is one rip roarer of a bushfire going through that state, and it's merciless... It's killed nearly 200 people at the time I write this.

Thanks to Autumn Hykova & Dakota Buck, there is now a Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Relief Appeal in SL. You can find a donation booth in my store, and heaps more around the grid as more and more people jump on board. And you can also purchase the pendants I recently released (see below). 100% of proceeds from these sales is going to the relief fund. If all that is not for you then I encourage you to donate directly to Australian Red Cross .

Thanks everyone,


February 08, 2009

Studio Sidhe & Discord Designs...

Yup it's true! About a week ago now, Kalli at Discord Designs approached me by way of TOP SECRET self exploding private plurk! (k, totally kidding, plurk did not explode, but adds to the epicness of it all, don't you think? LOL) To ask me if I'd be interested in doing some "augmentation" of her awesome braids! I of course said yes, cause her stuff ROCKS! and off I went :D

The first offering in what will be a series; is Space Gypsy, and is made up of some silver fine wire prim detailing, funky beads and of course bells... as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm rather into bells atm! LOL This hair jewellery is made to go with dD style "Taylor".

You can pick up both the hair and the hair jewellery at either Discord Designs or Studio Sidhe Main Stores.

*** N.B. Hair & Hair Jewellery are sold separately! :D



Some Anti-Valentine Day Fun!!!

This is a fun one... a special release for Valentines Day!

For those of you who are very into all the hearts, ode to hallmark stuff and everything spewing pink mooshy loveliness... you're sorted... the world is set up for you.

For those of you that are all a bit Meh. about it all; THIS ONE, is for you, it's an anti-valentine for those who'd just really rather not.


* sculptie candy heart pendant on leather cord.
* scripted menu to adjust size AND
* 5 messages that you can switch between to match your mood during this oh so gushy season!

To see this and more in world go to our Main Store or you can give one as a gift using Xstreet

I have you enjoy!


February 02, 2009

Truth Hair Style No. 3 Faerified: Berri

On sale at Truth for the duration of the Hair sale... this one for only $1L!!!

The hairstyle Berri is also a dollarbie, so race in to get a bargain ;) Get them both HERE

Until next time,



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