April 08, 2010

Studio Sidhe @ Pose Fair 2010!!! :D

Hi Everyone!

Yup! I'm in another fair as well... the Pose Fair! Bombshell I know!!! LOL *picks you up off the floor*

This is the first pose fair SL has had (to my knowledge) which abby McDonnagh from Sassafras clued me into :D Thanks Abby!

Below is a group pose set I made especially for the fair, 50% of proceeds from these sales is going to the awesome cause Motivation. This organisation assists people with a mobility issues associated with a disability to improve their quality of life through assistive devices & remediation therapies in third world countries... BRILLIANT!

That's pretty much all from me for the moment... yes, I will be back to tell you about more wonderful WILD.Released stuff and even a few different things about to kick off at Studio Sidhe, but until then take care & have fun :D


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